Discord And Physical Appearance


Life is too short to spend another day at war with yourself.
— Ritu Ghatourey

Beyond conflicts and discord in the society, the internal one comes first. We may not want to admit it but some healthy percentage of the world populace are at war with themselves about their physical appearance. Let me narrow it down to the women folk!

See me as a genie who grants wishes freely. What would you truly wish for? Some ladies would say they desire to stay slender and beautiful regardless of what they eat! I am one of them, no doubt. Our bodies are a priority for us and so is staying in shape.

I see young girls wanting to look differently from how they are born. No wonder plastic surgeons are making huge sums of money! I hear there's the Jennifer Lopez hips, Beyoncé lips, Alicia Keys boobs etc. I could go on and on but this is reality which got me thinking - what drives young girls and ladies to think this way?

I believe girls just don't simply decide to hate their bodies. We teach them to, which creates internal discord within them. Consequently, some become bulimic or anorexic just to avoid the result of inherited genes and struggle to stay slim so they can be acceptable to modern society. Very unhealthy!


This internal discord or conflict with our bodies is as a result of conforming to what the society wants and expects from us. Isn't it about time we begin to accept ourselves and let those who have accepted themselves help those who have not?

First, who makes up the society? WE! Why do we force others to live a false life? Why would a group of people come together and make themselves a ruling force and determiners of how people should live their lives?

Consider Nayyirah Waheed's words,

And I said to my body, softly. 'I want to be your friend.' It took a long breath. And replied, 'I have been waiting my whole life for this.'
— Nayyirah Waheed

When we begin to say these words to ourselves, then we begin to truly live. It starts with loving ourselves and our bodies and in no time, we develop body confidence.

Above all, let every decision we take concerning our bodies be about our health. You have only one body and life's short.

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