Hyperlapse..... (An Original Poetry)



Countless letters
have burned
like the flames
of broken friendship.
as gushing waters
cascades like clustering
rushing past
splintered bridges
with a haste
of no return.

Once; we felt alive
bursting with goodness
but nowadays,
your baritones
are mere whispers
fading gently into oblivion
as the embers
of a dying flame.
it feels like lightening,
galloping aimlessly
into the night

Your thoughts;
were like lyrics
strapped to my vocal cords,
it tingles,
like the yodeling
of a mockingbird
strange tunes,
have evaded my ears
like a legion of bats
piercing the silence
with alienity

Countless letters
have burned;
of expressions
that were meant
to tickle the soul
of warm embraces
dotted on papers
but never lived to see the day.
I wrote of adventures
where our laugters will echo
like a ripple
across seven rivers
and seven oceans.

As time dies
in countless hyperlapse
moments rewinds,
to when skyscrappers
were trees and fern
and promises were debt
as laugters and giggles
bickers endlessly
to this hour when all is lost
to never be regained again.

Only if we could live
in the comfort of regret,
our hearts will forever yearn
to bask in things
as ephemeral
as floating bubbles.
the joy of yesterday
and the plesant feeling
of idling in the warmth
Of my reveries

Written by @Josediccus


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