POB: Favourite Article of the Day contest launch this Friday, Example Comment UPDATE


Over the past few days many people have been asking when I will write an example comment and with only four days until Contest launch I decided that now would be a good time to start including an example comment in my #faotd contest post updates

Example Comment

My favourite article of the day which I found very inspirational and encouraging for the growth of the #pob community was written by @interpretation in this article you will find the significate change at the top of the richlist, positions and the staked POB Power holders loss and growth of influence.

I personally love statistical posts and find they drive me to do better and gain a place amount those most influential in the community so that I may be in a position to give more value to the content that I read, find interesting to me, engage with and curate.

You can find that article in the following link, I hope it gives you the motivation to improve your game and grow value from your activity in the #pob community.


TAGS TO INCLUDE: #faotd #dcc

Obviously your comment doesn't have to be as long but may receive more upvotes and curation if it is, that choice is of course yours, as long as you follow the rules and tag correctly you will be entered into the contest.


The Rules

  1. Comment on the contest post that will be named favourite article of the day #faotd #01 E.T.C with a link to your favourite Proof of brain article of the day, and also tag the author, this can be any article you found helpful or you found added value to the #pob community.

  2. Write a brief explanation as to why you chose this particular article.

  3. Make sure to use both the #faotd and #dcc tags so that your comment may be curated by both #faotd and #dcc

That's it, it's that simple


Clarification to questions asked

You can post a link to your favourite article that you read each day in the #pob community, it doesnt matter if the article was posted a day or two before but perferrably within the payout period of 7 days so these articles may also gain some extra curation rewards by readers that may have otherwise overlooked them.


The Prizes

Prizes will be chosen at random using random.org and will include the following.

First place will receive a 5 #pob delegation + 10 #dcc coins + 1 Upvote from me, + 1 Upvote from @clixmoney and + 1 Upvote from @dcooperation

Second place will receive 2 #pob delegation + 5 #dcc coins + 1 Upvote from me, + 1 Upvote from @clixmoney and + 1 Upvote from @dcooperation

Third Place will receive a 1 #pob delegation + 2.5 #dcc coins + 1 Upvote from me, + 1 Upvote from @clixmoney and + 1 Upvote from @dcooperation

NOTE: It is worth noting that although winners will receive additional upvotes aswell as prizes, the percentage weight of these upvotes cannot be guaranteed as nobody can guarantee a 100% upvote, this was brought to my attention by @scholaris.pob

I do personally use a triple vote multiplier after reading a post I believe was written by @onealfa on how to do that a few weeks back, I cannot seem to find it now, but I will explain it and how it is done in a later post, by using the multiplier I can give roughly a 35% upvote power with the value of a 100% upvote. A post on this will be posted soon.


It is hoped that as the #faotd contest progresses that winners will be chosen by popularity and upvotes on comments and the amount of people that engage and that #pob prizes will rise as per engagement and @clixmoney may donate further #dcc coins for the winners, as of now we have gratefully already received these #dcc coins in preparation for the launch on Friday from @clixmoney So Show him some love, and of course make sure to engage.


It would be nice if each person taking part read the articles and upvoted the commenter and if possible post links to encourage more engagement, but it is not essential. But may improve your potential chances.

It would also help to delegate #pob to my account for curating rewards but also not essential, it is worth noting that delegators would receive curation rewards daily from my curation on these posts

Possible Future Additional Prizes

I am also looking into giving the First place winner each day a Bitcoin Cash NFT, one of my many Prized Bitcoin cash NFTs that I currently hold in my https://www.juungle.net/ wallet. but at a later date once the contest starts to receive a valid amount of engagement.

I may even consider creating a special edition #faotd NFT for winners, but as of yet still undecided, let me know your thoughts on this..

All images are my own creation with the exception of the #dcc images which I have been given permission to use by the creator @clixmoney and may also be used by anyone participating in the contest, for promotion of the contest or in your posts and comments.


I am really pleased with how the promotion of the #faotd Contest launch has been going, the greater prizes for launch on Friday and the evidential interest and support shown by many within the community, that is very much appreciated, I have now also received a delegation from @failingforwards and the possibility of dropping by to spread some upvotes in the contest, this is gratefully received and very much appreciated.

I look forward to the #faotd launch come Friday, if you have any further queries or concerns please feel free to drop them in the comments below, either way I look forward to engaging with you all.

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