Pan-African is someone who believes that the colonial boundaries bequeath to us should be disbanded for there to be one country with one central authority, one central Bank, one Army, One foreign policy where the wealth and resources would be redistributed to the benefits of Africans.
The recent coup in Guinea can me said as one of the most popular coups in recent time, where the people are celebrating and not just Guinians alone, but the African continent as a whole. As some are praising the Army for this bold step, others are highly pessimist about the future prospects of Guinea. Public utterances made by Col. Mamady on transnational miming companies made him appear as Pan-Africanist. This is a semblance in all military despots that wants legitimacy from its people.

Many a time, African dictators hid behind the cloak of Pan-Africanism and pretend as if they have the interest of the continent (people) at heart. in other to get rally Africans behind their dictatorial rule, and gain Pan -African legitimacy, they throw tantrums at the Western world only when they fallout. It is no wonder why dictators like Museveni would be called Pan -Africans yet oppressed their people. African dictators often start as a military regime and later metamorphosed to civilian governments and then cling unto power.

There's a clear difference between real leaders like Nkrumah, Nyerere, Sekou etc. and dictators like Paul Biya, the late Idris Derby, Museveni and others. The latter are those who cling to power and pretend as if they are Godsent to their people while the former were truly Pan -Africans. In deed the right person to qualify to be called Pan-Africanists are those who fight for the interest of their people and not hose who start uttering populist stance after they become complicit in the disunity and loot among the continent.

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