Winners POBPhotocontest TREES

Wow, just wow!
The number of contestants for this round of the #pobphotocontest really exceeded my expectations.
The first round had 10 contestants, the second one 17, but this round there were 35 different submissions from users.

It was lovely to see trees from all over the world. There was such a lot of diversity in the different submissions. Some were clearly submitted by excellent photographers, others were very creative and/or created a complete post with the story behind their photo.

Thank you all for joining this round of the #pobphotocontest !
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The Winners

With such a lot of wonderful submissions it was quite a challenge to choose a top 3. And remember; this is just my personal opinion.
As the author rewards were 78 POB the top 3 will receive 39, 23.4 and 15.6 POB.

The third place @xaviduran

A very cool wide panorama photo of a tree plantation. All the trees are so perfectly lined out. It also has something scary.

The second place @cryptosneeze

Wonderful how this single tree is standing on the edge of the abyss looking out over all the trees in the gorge.

The first place @bendany


Wonderful photo of a special tree that is with it’s feet in the lake. One branch is full of leaves and the other one seems to have none. Very curious.

Payouts have been done:


Ask me anything!

Since there are a lot of photographers and photo enthusiasts on POB I started a new initiative: Ask me anything!
You can ask anything that has something to do with photography. Other photographers on POB/Hive can help you out.
Check out the topic here: @friendlymoose/pob-photography-ask-me-anything

Next round and mentions

Because of the great enthusiasm and the large number of contestants I will start a new round of the #pobphotocontest in a couple of days.
If you want to get a mention when a new round of the #pobphotocontest starts, just let me know in the comments.
You can also leave any suggestions for subjects in the comments.



Photographing is my passion. Although I like photography in general, nature photography is one of my favourite subjects. I often go out with my camera for a hike to capture the beauty of nature.

I would love to read what you think of my photos in the comments. You could also contact me if you have any other remarks or questions in the comments of via Discord (friendlymoose#5717)

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