'Worst Answer" No. 3 POB & !PIZZA Competition Winners - Chef Edition - Worst Food combinations

So this going to be the fourth competition that features both POB and PIZZA prizes! This time we were looking for terrible food combinations, what should we never mix together?

So the question was..

"What foods am I going to eat ?"

Remember we wanted the worst ideas


Ok so the prize a

1st 6 POB
2nd 4 POB
3rd 2 POB

Also we will now have a bonus prize of 1 !PIZZA for the most creative response, I am talking images, gifs , hikaus I don't really care just go crazy

I also upvoted as many answers as possible and give out some slices of !PIZZA

ok let's look at the amazing answers we got!

While I think of an answer, I'm going to fix myself a Peanut Butter and Sardine Sandwich. Anyone else want one, too?

Mushy, moldy bread, with steak as hard as lead, topped with bitter melon pickle, topped with black strap treacle!!

This is fun! How about a tuna fish sandwich with Jelly donuts as the bread. LOL!


Somehow Durian Fried Rice will win this... !PIZZA


Keeping with the pizza vibe, I think the worst I ever tried was Brazilian Chocolate Pizza. As the name says, it´s a pizza topped first with strawberries, brown of sugar on top and molten chocolate to finish. It´s kinda close to a cake actually. Photo of a slice (from wikipedia) to give you an idea: !PIZZA

pizza and rice (both rich in carbohydrates) and a cold glass of soda


Pig's feet boiled in mango juice for 12 hours with black pepper and sugarcane. Side dish of black rice ginger lemon blue cheese risotto. Then you get a sour cream !PIZZA as desert!

Toast burned to charcoal, jellied caterpillar spread, topped with parmesan. Please enjoy my haiku ;) !PIZZA

And our winners are

Ok so so many good ones to chose from but our winner this time was

@tedus because I have smelt a duriun and cannot imagine how bad the rice is ! 6 POB for you

Second prize goes to @fireguardian for just so many bad ingredients! 4 POB for you

3rd prize is @thekittygirl for just really bad taste and something i could put together right now 2 POB for you

And the !PIZZA prize goes to..
@dibblers.dabs for a haiku!

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