Living with 11 voices in my head

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11? well, that was the last time I counted. lol When things are calm, most are very quiet. But when things are chaotic, it's like a great symphony - out of tune. loud. abrasive, annoying. all battling to scream their solo.

and they do not let me sleep! LOL

I'm the kind of person that would prefer to find ways to laugh and become a maestro of the symphony and whip them into shape to harmonize with one another and work together to create a masterpiece.

So on days when I have way too many things to do on my list - I add one more thing.

Apparently, I make a funny video.

What? It only took 4 hours to create a 2 minute video... 🤣

According to my fitbit, I slept for 3 hours and 27 minutes last night.

Which means I still had 16 more hours to get everything accomplished today. LOL

I came close!!!
hey...There's always tomorrow hehehe

Hope you enjoy meeting hmmmm 6 of my 11 voices in my video!

Don't worry - you'll never meet the Tiger. She is the only one we let sleep as LOOOOONG as she wants 😂

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