Our Strange Times: Chastized for "Making Too Much Sense?"

On the whole, I am pretty satisfied to be "standing out in left field" as the old saying goes.

The thing that keeps baffling me about the human species is that so often people — and particularly people with "extreme" viewpoints — seem more interested in arguing about the problems of our world than actually solving the problems of our world.


As a lifelong observer of human nature, I still can't shake the uncomfortable idea that people can actually become ADDICTED to being "fired up" over something.

And even if the "thing" they were all worried and fired up over is actually resolved, they immediately move on to something else to be upset and butthurt over.

I have almost always avoided these kinds of pissing contests precisely because there inevitably seems to be lots of noise but very little action results.


As this semi-famous cartoon depicts (sorry, I don't know the original source; it has been in my images folder for YEARS), most people don't actually want change they just want something to complain about.

I surmise this from the fact that I have found myself in many a situation in which I offered actual viable solutions to issues at hand... and found myself all but "escorted from the room" for not wanting to just get in the middle of the brawl with no particular purpose.

I'm glad I studiously avoided some of the Project Management gigs that were dropped into my lap.

Yes, I might have been "highly capable" but the emphasis on internal politicking combined with a broader lack of interest in actual resolution felt pretty soul crushing to me.

So I dropped out and went about becoming a strange semi-hermit, instead!

The Signal vs. Noise Issue

Effectively solving any kind of problem substantially depends on being able to cut through the "noise" surrounding a situation to get to the actual "signal" below.

The signal is always there, if you dig around and look for it.


What I sadly see happening in our day and age is so much effort going into creating noise to obscure virtually any and all signals out there. It doesn't really matter whether you're "right-leaning" or "left-leaning," or religious or atheist, there's just an almost unending ocean of noise out there.

And when you do have a "leaning" in some direction, people will swear that their noise is actually signal, when — in fact — pretty much all of it is noise.

Just spend a day sifting through both conservative and liberal news commentary to try to get to the actual facts below all the hyperbola and opinion! It's almost impossible!


The sad thing is that very few people want to deal with the facts — and note that I said the "facts," not the "truth!" The facts tend to be hard and inflexible; not easy to manipulate to serve one's own agenda. A person is either dead or they are not dead. The temperature is either 50 degrees, or not 50 degrees. You either mailed the check, or you didn't mail the check.

There are lots of reasons why I had no interest in becoming a lawyer, and I had no interest in being on the debate team... just too much noise for my liking!

In the end, I can only surmise that people don't like what they call "making too much sense" because it asks for impeccability with your word and personal accountability.

And who'd want to be stuck with that...?

Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your week!

How about YOU? Have you ever been told off or excluded for "making too much sense?" Do you get the impression there's a lot more "noise" than there is "signal" in our modern world? Do you ever get the impression the people would rather DEBATE problems than SOLVE them? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!


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