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RE: "Receiving the fated transmission" — (original fiction + images)

Hi @samsmith1971 thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Every time I see this kind of message it helps motivate me to keep world-building and creating characters — a very new process for me, though I am a long time avid reader of fiction.

I am paying attention to which characters and stories people have most interest in and the ones that receive more interest will be prioritized.

All of them inhabit the same fictional universe that I am in the very very early stages of creating — a process which is as much writing as it is ruminating upon possibilities and attempting to let this universe bring itself forth to coherence by each puzzle piece of lore snapping into place.

Long story short, anyone who reads and especially anyone who comments is helping co-create this whole world with me!

I plan to use HIVE to post these short pieces which I hope will eventually evolve in different novels set in this alternate/parallel universe which I expect to take many years to flesh out.

I am taking it slow and enjoying the process :-) Am very glad you found the recent couple of pieces engrossing and I can guarantee this is not the last you will hear from "dear Ynvic" :-D

He has a fascinating, long past in Yjonra — as well as a surprising future ;-)

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