Lullabies destined for conquering spirit

Lullabies destined for conquering spirit

by @d-pend


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Lullabies destined for conquering spirit
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lullabies made of the matter of fancies
And wistfulness densified, thoughts of despondence
Grown young by the length of the dwell in the past
Are all echoing up in my slumbersome mind

And the feeling of heaven in touches that linger
And stretch themselves out to ungodly proportions
Is shivering all the long way from my tailbone
To top of the tip of the crown of the victor

Then I am unstoppable, sorrow euphoria
Boils itself to the vapor invincible
Floating far feelingless, perfect, inscrutable;
Lows made to summits too rare for imagining

Listening — lullabies, windpipe and melody;
Tinkle of neuron and gong of insanity,
Bell of distinction and drum-strike of toil:
All the mad din grown to discord Unroyal
To reverb'rate tunnels and chutes of the Pebble —
That wicked cold Boulder through aether slow-hurtling,
Locked in the vacuum of infantry blackness
And everything-essence warm buoy expanding

To sing me the tunes to the key of my humors
To make the distorted cacophony quiet
And woo me so gently with love unexpected
That creeps on the heart as the sun creeps nadir-wise—
petals of flame dancing slow toward ground
as my slow spirit blooms to intricate sound.



Writing and images synthesized and compiled
by Daniel Pendergraft for Proof-of-Brain
Community on the HIVE Blockchain
published on August 20, 2021.
Writing is fully original
and can be considered a free-written
blueprint towards eventual completion of a piece
shared and preserved immutably on blockchain.

Images are created by processing
public domain photos using
Deep Dream Generator.

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