Hexagon of fate — (poetry + generative art)

Hexagon of fate

- images and writing -
-- by @d-pend --
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Hexagon of fate


These eyes of mine — compounded,
full a thousand strands all pixelline
behold, with sense surrounded
by the shine of pollen pure-pristine.

That same, sweet, amber aroma:
piercing, mellow scent of spring —
I drink as medic soma,
unwary mind to fling
up to rare heights.


Then I must whirr and wheel on winds
in whorling circuits — sultry flights
through haze and heat my purpose sends
this vessel, through the wail of nights
whose chirp and creak must never end
but for my hibernation's rend
of waking buzz and pollen's jolt,
of flor'l assent — and bird's revolt.

And then, too — through long rains I sleep
in dreams of amber fields, to steep
within dread hexagon of fate:
my thirsty soul to sate.

With stalwart wells
in waiting walls,
these beesome spells
and wint'ry palls
are made my yin-yang
and my swirl:
my place
within the world.


Those eyes of yours — compounded,
full a million shards of glimmered flame
present to me — astounded
by the beauty of our mingled name.

That same, sad amber aroma —
piercing, grievous scent of spring
I drink as poison — soma —
unwary mind to cast
to deepest depth.



Writing and images synthesized and compiled
by Daniel Pendergraft for Proof-of-Brain
Community on the HIVE Blockchain
published on September 4, 2021.
Writing is fully original
and can be considered a free-written
blueprint towards eventual completion of a piece
shared and preserved immutably on blockchain.

Images are created by processing
public domain photos using
Deep Dream Generator.



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