A stroke of fury painted with a wand of gasoline

A stroke of fury
painted with
a wand of gasoline
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by @d-pend
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A stroke of fury
painted with
a wand of gasoline

I paint a stroke of fury
dashed across the pristine canvas — here
in central focus is the sabotage
of mortal artist's dear.

The nearest mate of starving soul
to take the precious to the fire;
cast the perished as the star,
set discord to the lyre.

All of life's a stage unfolding:
all of life's a song,
a line, a punch, a ballad slow —
a silence twice as long.

As short as lasts the spark of love
so lengthy is her glow,
of all the mys'tries set above
are none one may not know.

So stings the touch of enemy
and cuts the blade of foe;
so poisons insecurity —
one by oneself brought low.

So slashes self across the slate;
so marrs oneself the turf,
to burn but for the burning's sake —
destructive urge to sate.

I paint a stroke of fury
with a wand of gasoline —
now glance upon it, hurry:
memorize just what I mean.



Writing and images synthesized and compiled
by Daniel Pendergraft for Proof-of-Brain
Community on the HIVE Blockchain
published on September 8, 2021.
Writing is fully original
and can be considered a free-written
blueprint towards eventual completion of a piece
shared and preserved immutably on blockchain.

Images are created by processing
public domain photos using
Deep Dream Generator.



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