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When you are firm and stable to the extent of not falling even after lots of challenges, then you are undefeatable. Many people today do not want to come out of their shells and want to allow failure or fear to overtake them. This set of people will remain defeated until they come out of their shells.

I'm someone who does not tolerate nonsense but tries hard to make people around me the best in life. I have one great thing in me that will never be defeated. This thing is a failure and a setback. Failure can come at any time and when you fall for it, then it will overtake you, which means you have been defeated. No one wants to sit and watch his or her entitlement taken away from him or her. When you allow this to happen, then you are planning for your defeat.

I'm infallible and someone who can do things with all seriousness. I'm the type that does not easily succumb to defeat. This is because defeat serves as one of those things I so much detested.

I was born in a home that is filled with love and hatred. My dad got married to four wives who do not love each other. They don't want the progress of the other, instead, they want to cause problems between the brothers and sisters. We were one great family with a great target. My dad always wants us to be United but not divided as predicted by the mothers. All the 10 children given birth to by my dad from the different mothers are at home doing nothing, but to me, I don't want to remain dormant without making progress and so I decided to conquer and break through the site's generational curses. I'm the type who does not remain stagnant but move forward just because of the belief I had in myself.

I need to work towards defeating this generational curse in my family. I remain undefeated and conquer to attain my dreams. The more I tried the more setbacks came my way, but being the one full of determination, I can conquer, I can defeat and become victorious. The only thing I longed for is to be the very person I have once wanted in life. This is my mission and I must surely remove myself from the dung to the best part of life.

My other brothers found it difficult to succeed but I did not lose hope in life. I never gave up for once. The question in my mind is how do I do it and to what measures should I make it to the top? These are major questions anybody having the mind of attaining victory must-have. I'm bold and strong and so, I made myself through the realm of success. Where my parents did not attain it, I was able to attain it. The impediment setting my family backwards was broken by me and after that moment, everyone began to excel.

I'm here to conquer what people cannot conquer. I'm here to attain my goals and dreams and now I have made it through. My stepmothers were not able to stop me neither would the curse shop my success. This is to tell you that I'm undefeatable and indestructible. No one can stop my success and indeed this is a great one for me. Right now, my success has reached its peak and my family are now able to enjoy me and what I have laid down.

Presently, we have graduates in my family which I started and finished without disturbance. No one could stand my way, because they dare not as what I carry in me is greater than them. So, I'm a conqueror.


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