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3281dfd6-3411-4f32-bc8d-c92fb33a2e85.jpegNo More Discord

"What do you really want from me?", Abigail asked Mike as they both sat in the eatery facing each other.

Mike had long shown Abigail that he wanted her all to himself and wouldn't hesitate to do anything for her. They had been really good friends for almost 6years now, until Mike started to declare his intentions of wanting to be more than friends.

Abigail didn't have any issues whatsoever with her friend, she actually loved him and admired him a lot. But she wasn't ready to enter a relationship with him not because he wasn't good enough for her, she just didn't want to lose this wonderful friendship they both shared.

Each time she had tried to explain things to Mike but it only brought discord between them. She had even stayed away from him for a while hoping that this heated love he felt for her was going to die and he'll find someone else who tickles his fancy. But she was wrong, it only grew his feelings for her and he made sure he made it know to her.

He had sent her numerous messages all with the hope that she'll reply . He even went on to send her written notes with flowers everyday that month. After the last flower, she eventually agreed to meet him at the eatery they were now.

"Abigail, please give me a chance to fix things between us", Mike replied holding her hand and looking pleadingly into her eyes.
Meeting her in school that day was one of the best thing that had ever happened to him. She was the lead singer in the choir in his fellowship and was unmistakably beautiful.

At first, it all started off as an innocent friendship, he was drawn to her and was surprised that she too wanted to know him. The had shared a lot of happy moments together and a lot of people had even thought they were dating. They had been really close through out their stay in the university and were surprised to still meet at an interview and still connect.

He had been open to her and she had helped him through his hard times. Abigail wasn't like any girl he had met before and wasn't surprised when it had grown from mere admiration to love.

Without wasting time he had told her how he actually really felt but he was surprised by her reaction. Her reply really left him heartbroken and he felt helpless. She had given him reasons why she didn't want them to end up dating but he still couldn't see reason enough. He didn't want this discord that was eating their friendship up that's why he didn't give up. Those days had been the hardest for Mike, and he wanted a happy ending.

After talking with her for a while, and still meeting a hard wall, he sighed and just then, someone walked up to him, hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek. He turned around, smiled and kissed her back on the lips. And then turned to look at Abigail
" I want you to meet my fiance"

If only you could see the shock that had found comfort in Abigail's face.............

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