Hey fellow Hivers can you believe I was supposed to make this post since 12pm CMT but as you can see, I just got the time to scramble this post now.


I would say a distraction is anything that distracts you,lol. I'm sure you weren't expecting that definition,sorry. I'm not google or any of those smart writers who do a lot of ample research online, make their research offline, arrive at conclusions and then post. I'm just a fellow, that didn't sound right, lemme rephrase. I'm just a Guy, young guy, battling with a lot of distractions.

It's really hard being a young teenager, or a youth and still being able to do what you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it. Most of us end up complaining about 12hours of the 24 not being enough for us to carry out our numerous activities. But if we look back and check, we're actually doing nothing with our time!!.

Ok take a look at me for example, I wake up, get ready to go for my IT, when I'm there I don't actually do anything than watch movies till it's 12pm, then I go back home, watch more movies or just put on my data and have meaningless conversations till it's evening time, then I notice I'm hungry, after eating I go back to chatting my life out.

I know many of us if not all are guilty of prioritizing some meaningless things over the right thing we should be doing. For grown ups it could be sitting with friends and gisting the day out, some could be watching tv for the whole day, or even sleeping. They really are a lot of things distracting us and until we get rid of them we'll not be able to actualize our full potential.

images (15).jpegOmg,can you believe how my date went?

Look at us Hivers for example, have you ever been like it's time for me to write something beautiful, you actually start writing something really amazing, then you put on your data connection to go look for a meaningful picture to support your amazing story and then just then when you're about to get it, a message from messenger just pops up, then another ,then another, next thing you know you're laughing or thinking of ways to actually make her smile or whatever.

images (13).jpegHe's so sweet

when you should be actually using that head of yours to finish that amazing story!!

images (14).jpegI think she likes me

For some of us it's not the that, it could be a game on tv that you're supposed to watch

omg my favourite team is playing!!

and then you're off leaving your beautiful write up to write itself. When you're back the inspiration dies and your story becomes something that wasn't supposed to be that.

It doesn't only have to be Hive, it could be that business deal you're chasing or that school project you're supposed to do, or that school game you're supposed to be at.

Why don't you just set your priorities straight and get rid of that distraction like @edystringz did??

I know it takes a lot of courage and dedication, but I'm certain you can do it. Obviously you can!! (Ps: I'm speaking for myself as much as I'm speaking for you,lol). We can do this, and with the help of POB community I'm sure its going to happen.

Thank you taking time to read this!!, And remember, get rid of that distraction today.

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