Todays special lunch : Aamras Poori and Rice 平平平

Being a foodie the only reason that I love summer is Mango and only Mango!!

India is a land of Mango as more than 50 % of Mangifera Indica produced in India.

Mango is not called the king of fruits without any reason, this is the only fruit I know which has hundreds of varieties and different flavours. In India, in the mango season, we can't imagine a single day without having mango in any form, it is a must-have either in its natural state or in the form of any dish.

There would be 100's of mango dishes across India but the most popular and easiest recipe of mango is Mango Juice or popularly known as Aamras (Aam = Mango and Ras =Juice). This luscious and pulpy delight is everybody's favourite in the season. Unlike other fruit juice, it is a type of dish for having in lunch or dinner. There are lots of combination popular containing Aamras like Aamras with piping hot pooris, Aaamras with steamed rice and many more.

In today's lunch, we had both famous combinations Aamras Poori and Aamras Chawal.

Here is a glimpse of my season's favourite lunch....

Aamras, Poories, Steamed Rice and Dry Potato Curry.

I am sure you all have enjoyed these combinations and if not, then must try it once!



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