Beautiful Sunday, even in the rain or maybe because of it

I always look forward to Sunday with its promises of special moments, different from the other days of the week. In general, Sundays are similar, I follow the same plan. Walk in the park, lunch, and a possible visit to some close friends. Well, this Sunday, even if the scheme was identical, something changed my plans, that is more, something forced me to shorten one of the events. In the case of this last Sunday, what changed my plans was the weather. So changeable and unpredictable ... that's why it's so fragmented.

It had been raining for three weeks. Every day, especially in the afternoon. At the end of the day, I visited some friends who live on the ninth floor, in a block of flats. The storm that started suddenly let the sky be furrowed by a multitude of lightning. I managed to photograph one, of course out of luck to synchronize the camera with lightning.


This was the surprise that made this Sunday a beautiful one for me and this photo will always remind me of this day.

As you can see, I started with the end, because of the lightning, but this day was made up of several moments, delimited by the way the weather evolved. The morning was dedicated to my granddaughter, the morning was the most beautiful, like all the days I spend with this little girl who is taking her first steps in life.





Her steps are all done on the run. She is in a hurry all the time. She makes a stop from time to time and thinks. I would really like to know what she is thinking!

Sunday is also a day of meetings. With relatives or friends. It's a tradition in my country to have a barbecue at these meetings. I didn't break the tradition.


When there are more guests, we need a variety of products to suit everyone's taste.




Fish, chop, and "mici" (a variety of skinless sausages, very popular in the Balkans).




If at the beginning of preparing the barbecue the weather was very beautiful and I hoped for a long and quiet party ...


... the weather wanted something else, that is to behave the same as in the other days, especially in the afternoon.


So the usual Sunday barbecue ended very quickly. In the evening the sun appeared again and so I went to visit a friend. At night the storm came with a lot of lightning and when I managed to catch one too.

A day, especially Sunday, can be beautiful in many ways and for many reasons. Each of us has specific pleasures and joys. I just wanted to show a way in which one day can be pleasant. In my way.


Posted for the ProofOfBrain community, for a long-lived Hive challenge called #BeautifulSunday and initiated by @ace108. I didn't mention anything about the brain, this part of our body, so fragile but so important. It seems to me that this word "brain" is pronounced too often. It should, in my opinion, be much better to just be suggested or even ignored. Finally, if we resort to judicial practice, we don't have to prove that we have a brain, others must prove that we don't. If this is proven, then, of course, we must leave the group.


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