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My Recent Trees Photographs
Yesterday Night I was browsing on hive blockchain finding some photography related contests and suddenly I saw POB photocontest and every week a new theme is announced by the owner @friendlymoose if you reading this post and you are a photographer then click on this link to participate in this contest

It was a nice 3 days tours with my friends in the northern areas of Pakistan The lake name is Satpara Lake it is located near Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan, on my way I captured this beautiful image just because of this alone tree and I hope next time I visit this place the tree will be grown too big I can't wait to see it again


On our way back we visit the forest around the stone, some black-Eyed Susan flowers are grown the trees in the background looks so amazing Also the nature is so romantic we spend a really great time with my friends


So tall tree a random click while laying in the shadow of these trees


These are the best photograph I have for this contest thanks for reading my post stay safe

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