I am participating in an event in Hicetnunc where 100 copies are minted for 1 Tezos each, so that everyone can purchase it. In this case in addition to that there is another detail: that it's only available for 100 minutes so you must be quick to acquire it. As it seemed too little time I decided to leave them for a few more hours because the rules are there to break them, especially if they are not very good. In this case it seemed unfair to me because we are all from different time zones and that leaves a lot of people outside so I broke that rule a bit and that makes me feel better. I think that what this type of event is what differentiates Hen from other platforms.


Digital Photography
Available at Hicetnunc:

If you are in Hen or have some tezos in your wallet you can purchase this work for 1 Tez. But you have to be quick as there is only half an hour left before I burn the remaining pieces.

Bárbara Bezina ♥

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