Burden or responsibility


Why the tension and anxiety are seeping into our. Why is the tree of our lifetime efforts not fruitful? Because we sow such seeds of negativity which spoil all the endeavors. Term this as soil erosion, when the fertility of the soil is gone what are you thinking about fruits. If they have them they will be rotten.
The things which make you feel pressured and you might find yourself tolerating such things which don't have an outcome for you.
Let me define your burden from an eye if different people;


  • For students,

The studies look like a burden. The syllabus books, if not meant for learning, seem to be a burden. They consider these people of papers are only there to frustrate them. Classes they take are not daily exercises in which they haul heavy bags with empty minds to school. Their exams are only held to check the level of their cramming.

  • For working people,

Their job is a burden, workload only tenses them, what they have been taught is not implemented here in practical life as only filling the fills and attending meetings daily are boring for them. What they have to do with the reputation and prosperity of the company as they were workers and will remain the same while pulling the car to the next level.


  • For ladies,

Their family for whom they are sweating each day is likable to burden. As one of her negligence or wrong steps will ruin all her efforts. The kids, for whom they are serving day and night will not remember this unless they have before called.


  • For parents,

Their offspring, to whom they have sacrificed everything. Their desires and fondness moved back and kids came to the priority line. Feeding them as they also will be dependent on mercy someday. If they do not take this burden lightly, next time the same will be returned to them.

- For youths;

Their parents, which they have to feed and serve only for the purpose to return the effort which they have done before. Although they have no profit of their existence as the age gap and interruption bothers them a lot.


So now you are viewing each person as a burden on others, no matter what type of relationship they are having somehow their frustration has termed them a burden. I live in such a society where such a character exists commonly.

  • Now see where is a burden;

Your studies will widen your mind. The price of paper can't judge your capability but yes somehow what you are reading and learning now, same you have to indicate on the papers. Exams are not there to judge you. Rather they have a purpose for giving you a chance to prove yourself.
Work is not a burden, you are not an ox that is being used in the fields for harvesting. If you are performing you work others are doing the same. This means everyone is the same way. You will remain a worker unless your thoughts remain prisoned in this shell. Be the boss of your own life.

  • I am writing this part with sporadic heart,


Parents and kids are not burdened. Both are the wheels of the same cycle. If one works efficiently, life will go on. If kids will be a burden for you. On the laters, the page will also be a burden for them. If you have to feed them, it's your responsibility and part of the cycle too. Perhaps your parents did the same as most likely our ancestors performed the same work.

Neither of your servings is exhausted. What you all are having in your life as extra is the reward of your hard work. So don't try to crash the chain of this cycle.

Break the shell of burden and term it as responsibility.

Many things will be sorted out. Life will become much easier and fruitful for you.


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