Special in Ordinary- The Wednesday walk today

Hello everyone
I hope we all are doing well

This post is my participation for #dreemportchallenge. It is the combo of #Wednesdaywalk, #makemesmile and #actifit. One week has passed so quickly and the second week of the challenge has just been proceeding which will end in a few hours. When I took part in the first week, I had though I wouldn't be writing for the next week, as my life is mostly within the boundaries of my home. I don't find very special entities to take the pictures of. However, I am here again with my ordinary living. I want to thank @dreemsteem who encouraged me to write any way. She encouraged me to see special within my ordinary.

The truth is there is nothing like ordinary or special. It is merely pur perceptions that design the reality of everything. I may not write a winning post, but the special is I am breaking the self-barrier and coming out of my comfort zone to share my world with others. I am taking a step forward to express myself via writing. I may not have very cool and awesome pictures but the special is I am feeling grateful to whatever I have in my surroundings. I am giving my heart an opportunity to feel happiness for small reasons. Above all, the special is, I am being heard via this write up. So let me tell you about my today's walk.

I had to submit the homework of my son in his school today, so unlike last week, it was easier to track my steps. I turned on actifit app and put my cell phone in my bag. Hehe. I usually don't take my mobile with me but took today for this challenge. (Doing unusual action is special too, isn't it). The school is at walking distance from our home. By the way, every place is at walking distance. It depends on how much strength and time we have to walk. Anyways, the school is not very far. I walked a little slowly observing the atmosphere arround me. The cloudy weather made the walk pleasant. I saw some flowering plants out side some houses. I have been through that route many times but I never saw them. They would always have been there but I never saw them because I never tried. Now, when I had the intention to find something, I found. That's the case of our lives in general, isn't it? There are many reasons to be happy and grateful. There are several opportunities to grow. The present is filled with joy. But we overlook goodies because we are focussed on misieries, troubles and fears. Our joys are only the matter of our focus. A shift in our focus of attention alters our emotions, feelings and actions.

I am sorry, I couldn't take the pictures of those beautiful plants. Lol. Because I was afraid of being robbed. Once my wallet was snatched at the doorstep of my home. I was not in the mood of losing my dear mobile. It is several precious things in it. There were several trees on my way. Many of them were Neem tree. Neem tree is an amazing creation of God. It doesn't go too long but it grows denser and so provides cool shade to others. It gives a message of benefiting others. I took the picture of one. Hehe. I dared to take my mobile out (another special thing). Lol

On my way back to home. I stopped at a general store to but a tennis ball. My son had been asking for it for a couple of days. When I returned home back, my younger son wasready to serve me delicious meal in his kitchen. He served me pineapple juice and strawberry dish

Ohhhh! The kids and their caring behaviors are the reason for smile in the hectic life routine.
He cooks food for me several times a day. First, he asks me which fruit I want to have as juice and which as curry. Then whatever fruit I tell him, he gives half to me and half for himself. Cute..... and super special!!

That's all for my walk today. Hoping to join you all in another challenge next week.
Before saying goodbye let me show you my actifit activity today 👇


Take care.
Good Bye

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