Creating a Culture of Abundance on the blockchain.

We are creating money out of thin air

I guess in some ways, we always have been, but never before has there been this much control over the printing press by so many people from so many places. The centralized banker and the politician are not at the helm of the printing press... I would like to keep it that way.

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Proof of Brain, LEO, BHT, Hive, HBD, PAL... the list goes on. Whenever that upvote button is pushed... you are signalling to the blockchain to release some more funds. Depending on your stake, you may be releasing pennies, fractions of pennies, or a hundred dollars.

This is really amazing. Let that sink in. We have the ability to create money with the push of a button.

The Truth doesn't always hurt

I pushed the upvote button today. I printed money for a few people, and for myself. That is just the way things are coded to work. 50% to the author, and 50% to me... the guy who pushed the button. The truth about that transaction is pretty sweet. I printed some money for some people that I thought did nice work. Since I did that, I got it too.

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I read somewhere, that the surefire way to welcome money into your life is to give some away. Well... this could not be more true on this blockchain. Every time I click that button and give some money away... I also get some.

Abundance is knocking

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Think about what is happening here for a moment. We are able to interact with each other and get paid for our interactions. This is the future of economics. This is not scarcity economics... this is abundance economics.

Old Paradigm

There is just not enough. We need to fight over the distribution of wealth. Those that have it amass armies to protect it. Laws are made and enforced to keep wealth in certain pockets and out of other pockets. People rise up and dispute how the wealth is allocated. Fingers are pointed. Guns are drawn. The city or the entire nation becomes a police state. People dig up dirt on their foes and sling mud in an attempt to bring justice to the situation.

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In the old paradigm, there will not be justice. Justice was discarded to create the old paradigm. The elite have been protecting their wealth through elaborate structures since history has been recorded. Ancient Greece was democratic... as long as you owned land. That sounds like a rigged system to me. If you are born on the wrong side of the line, you are not recognized as a citizen of the democracy.

Not much has changed today. We hear about the 1%. We see the influence a tweet from a mega billionaire can have on an entire sector.

Welcome the new paradigm

We are witnessing a paradigm shift. It is happening before our eyes. Never before could we print money and not get arrested for counter-fitting (that is so old paradigm by the way). We are seeing it happen. Blockchain has seen humungous growth since its inception. Becoming a part of it was always bridged from the old world of fiat currency. If you wanted in on BTC... you had to pay to play. Buy the machines to mine, or buy the mined coins.

Enter Hive and DPoS. It still is beneficial to pay to play on Hive. You get a leg up on your stake. That being said. You do not need any money to start off in this new economy. The economy of abundance. Many people just started writing on the blockchain and have built up a nice stake. I did delegate some Hive to to get some POB to start, but in hindsight, I didn't really need it. I wrote my posts and those post rewards are where the bulk of my stake has come from.

There are many other people on POB that are living off of their rewards on POB. Let that sink in.

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People came to this platform and started writing. 4 months later, there are people that have found economic freedom on this blockchain. Will that freedom last? Let's hope so. It would speak volumes to the power that we have here at our fingertips. This is the new paradigm.

What does it look like

It looks great. There is enough to go around. When a tribe gets too crowded and saturated, another opportunity pops up. It could be another tribe or another opportunity. DPoS was only the beginning of printing money for people without any. DeFi has grown into a massive industry in the last year. The essence of DeFi is printing money out of thin air. It takes money to make money in DeFi, but once you are in... the printer keeps printing. I have been on CUB and a few platforms on Polygon. I am printing money and compounding it daily.

Blockchain games are another source of income. I dreamed of video game consoles that printed money if you beat a high score when I was a kid. Well... that is a reality now. I get paid daily to complete my quest in @splinterlands. If you can get paid to play computer games, surely you cannot deny that a new age is upon us!

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The beauty of this is that with Hive and its tribes, you don't need money to start out. You can put in work writing and engaging and build a stake. You can then make more money curating while still writing and engaging. You can then take some rewards and put them into DeFi. In a few years, you could amass a small fortune with zero money down.

Embrace Abundance

The culture on the blockchain will thrive if we embrace the abundance mindset. It is hard to shake the scarcity mindset that has been programmed into so many of us from the existing legacy economies (old paradigm). We are printing money out of thin air all over the place. I decided to come to Proof of Brain when it started, because I was not really getting rewarded as much as I thought I should. There are a lot of mouths to feed on this blockchain, I get it.

I helped (or I would like to think that I did) shape the development of the platform from early on and I was rewarded very well for it. This is not the only game in town. A bunch of people took interest in POB and good content and a good core developed. It brought a ton of value and interested parties to POB. Look where it is now a few months later!

Artists in slums

It is well known now that if you want to raise the property value of a neighbourhood. You welcome artists into it. Artists have a knack for making things nicer and building a community around themselves. Cities do this now to jumpstart neighbourhoods. They bring artists into a community and in ten years, the neighbourhood is transformed.

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All the artist does, which is different from the general population, is care about their community. They paint murals, they rent the hall out and put on a concert or a craft fair. They encourage more people to get involved. They have fun. This is how they bring value to a slum.

There are a ton of tribes out there

If POB, Hive, or LEO is not rewarding you enough there is a pretty sure-shot way to increase your rewards. Take a struggling or new tribe under your wing. Make it your home and care about it. Create a culture on the tribe that embraces abundance and doing things for the good of the community.

I guarantee, if someone took Broadhive, DunkSocial, Lotus or (even!) LasseCash under their wing and treated it like home. If they cared for and nurtured it and brought an awareness that this place could be great, it would grow in serious users and ultimately grow in value.

This is what happened with POB and LEO. There was a group of people who took it serious. They talked about how to build it up and how to make it great. It is a work in progress, but any work in progress has great potential. I feel ditching the old paradigm and welcoming the abundance mindset is exactly what we need on this blockchain to really take things to the next level. We are printing money out of thin air!

Have your say

I always try to keep everyone who reads and comments on my posts as a top priority. I want to hear what you think about what I had to say. I am never 100% right and only on very rare occasions 100% wrong. That said, I would love to hear your point of view and I will do my best to put my spin on your spin.

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