Pob Art Contest - Day Seven - Last Theme.

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Today we come to the last theme of the sixth edition of the Pob Art Contest.

Remember that you can only comment on the topic from today until Monday. The result of the contest will be on Tuesday.

Today's theme is Art in Films! Films that have art as one of their main themes or that use art in their plot in such a way that it is emphatic and fundamental to the movie story.


Rules and information:

. Every day there will be a post about an art theme, comment according to the theme to participate in the contest.

. Only participants who comment through the Pob front end are eligible.

. You should give your art suggestion according to the day's theme. Only one suggestion per person.

. Your suggestion is worth 1 POINT.

. The text that accompanies your suggestion is worth 1 to 4 POINTS.

. Engaging with other comments is worth 1 to 2 POINTS

. Generic comments are worth 0 POINTS

. The last theme can only be commented on until the second day after it has been posted, after this period, no more entries will be accepted. All other themes can be commented on until the 7th day of each post.

After 7 days the 3 persons who accumulate the most points will earn 150 net POBS in prizes.

Good luck for all!

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