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Guys, this edition was awesome! I learned so much from you. Thank you so much for the amazing engagement! I'm very proud to see a contest so rich in culture. The comments are top notch and anyone who reads the posts is sure to learn as much as we've learned together.

In this edition we had 8 participants, of these 8, 6 people were extremely active. You guys really put on a show.

Now let's check the points?

Music: @mineopoly 6 @moon-city 6 @wongi 6 @funshee 6 @merit.ahama 6 @dprudent 4

Absurd art : @mineopoly 6 @moon-city 4 @wongi 6 @funshee 5 @merit.ahama 5 @mimi05 6

Make your own art: @mineopoly 6 @moon-city 6 @wongi 6 @funshee 6 @merit.ahama 3 @mimi05 6

Artistic expression: @mineopoly 6 @moon-city 6 @wongi 6 @funshee 5 @merit.ahama 5 @mimi05 4

Digital art: @mineopoly 6 @moon-city 6 @wongi 4 @funshee 4 @merit.ahama 5 @mimi05 5

Primitive Arts: @mineopoly 6 @moon-city 6 @wongi 5 @funshee 4 @merit.ahama 5 @mimi05 6

Art in Films: @mineopoly 6 @moon-city 6 @wongi 5 @funshee 6 @merit.ahama 6 @mimi05 5

Total Points:

@mineopoly : 42
@wongi: 38
@funshee : 36
@mimi05: 32
@dprudent: 8
@sofs-su : 4

Congratulations @mineopoly , @moon-city and
@wongi ! You were the winners!


Many thanks to all participants! Everyone who actively participated did very well. See you in the next issue!

About the next issue, I'm not sure when it will happen; as you noticed, the sixth edition was a little different from the fifth and this fact made it more fun, I want to make the next edition also different and for that I will need to have new ideas. For this reason, I will be at least a week without launching the contest until everything is ready for the next edition! Thank you for understanding and see you (:

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