New edition of Pob Art Contest!


As it has been in each new edition of #pac, this next step will be different from the previous one.

For a month, I will be voting for all good quality original posts that used the #pac hashtag

My 100% vote is worth about 37 POBS thanks to @proofofbrainio who follows my trail.

So if you like art and have ideas to write about, use the hashtag #pac and you can count on my curation.

I can't guarantee that all posts will receive 100% of my vote, but of course, the best ones will definitely get a bigger reward.

This will be the seventh edition of the Pob Art Contest! It will last a month, and everyone can be a winner whenever they write about art.

In addition, the value engagement on ''contest'' participant posts will be rewarded with around 2.70 pobs. You can literally earn more than one pob per comment as long as they are value-added comments.

I hope you enjoy of the new #pac experience.

Feel free to write as many posts as you like! But it is mandatory to use the hashtag #pac ok?

These are the only rules:

1 - Write from the proof of brain front end

2 - Use the #pac hashtag

3 - Do not plagiarize

4 - Write about art

Ready to participate?

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