Story of the little bee 🐝

Story of the little bee 🐝




In the beginning

In the middle of the night, there was a sudden noise at the top of the tree, who could have come to disturb our peace tonight? Queen bee asked.

The noise got louder and louder then the queen bee ordered some of the soldiers to check what’s going on, they got to the outside but no one came in to give feedback!


“Don’t be frightened. No harm shall befall us!”
The Queen bee shouted and ordered for perfect silence

Image by wpoeschl On pixabay

Everyone got silenced but trembling in fear, not if the noise was the only cause of fear, but the vibration it added. Suddenly the noise stopped and the vibration was no more. Everyone was happy and we all continued the party

Queen bee just hatched her little larvae and it indeed called for celebration. As usual, when a new bee is brought to life every bee would buzz with joy. I was still kind of suspicious about the mystery that happened to the soldiers that went on a lookout, I looked around and saw that everyone got their attention elsewhere, then I sneaked out of the tree to see what happened with my own eyes.

We Immediately I got out, something strange happened. The tree fell with immediate effect, I flew as high as I could and took a glance at what’s happening from afar. It was like a planned one: the woodcutter already cut down the whole tree and just left to fall over. I saw something I have never seen in my life.


The woodcutter already got its equipment ready should the case he encountered with bees 🐝. As every other bee tried their way out they met with their fate just like the scout soldiers met theirs. They all got sprayed to death.

Wandering for a home

It’s not easy to lose a home and probably a family especially when you lose the ones dear to you. I had no place to call home, no place to have some rest, have fun, or even shelter. I felt the pain deep inside me. But as a bee and the only survivor of my kind I had to keep moving with hopes.


Image by camera-man On pixabay

I had to wander around, searched different trees, probably if they could look like the home I came from but no place like home.

On the lookout, far ahead of me I could sense and feel the presence of my kind, I had several dreams of finding a new home to abode, I saw everyone happy in there, rejoicing and having the best of fun.

One problem is that I couldn’t locate this place. It took years of suffering and agony, days under the scorching sun, rainy days, and cold times. But I would never rest


I found a home.

After many years, I got to encounter a strange place among the woods, it was cool and perfect just like the coastal region of the seas and oceans 🌊 there I could feel I am home
Someplace we call tree wasn’t so over here, but a strange name it’s was called “THE HIVE”

Ooh ooh! Maybe it’s just a perfect place for me. I ignored the name but was eager to see the inside.

On the wall built with wood, well carved, and polished was a long note defining the word “HIVE” I stood there and read what it meant

  • A hive is a structure in which bees are kept, which is designed so that the beekeeper can collect the honey that they produce.
  • If you describe a place as a hive of activity, you approve of the fact that there is a lot of activity there or that people are busy working there

I think I understood the definition perfectly, at least one suits me perfectly. I moved in a hurry then after The little passage was a beautiful interior where I got an encounter with millions of bees of different classes, the patrol team was already on their way to welcome me.
I never understood what was happening, after some time they prepared a big feast in my name just to welcome my presence amongst them. I felt like I was in a heaven on earth, I never witnessed such a happy moment ever in my life.


They sang me a poem


Image by Mariananbu On pixabay

Welcome home! welcome home! little bee
You got to the destination you see?
Then feel at home and feel free
To take whatever you want, honey or tea

Welcome home to the land of honey
A colony with good company
All we share is love and harmony
Never would you regret your stay

You got to your home we call a hive
Worry less and live your life
You have gotten love to revive
Forget about the past and survive

The happiness from that very day made me forget all the sorrows I had passed through.


This is my entry to the #POB-WOTW contest by @scholaris

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I am happy I found my home on a hive,
I am happy I have someplace to shelter again!
I am glad I found my family again
It’s my pleasure to be entertained by this wonderful contest
All I have to say is thank you all

I am still a young writer trying to get things right, but I am sure with meeting again with you guys my stay would continue to be a fun-filled and amazing one.


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