Frailty; The test of time

Let’s talk about frailty




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Hey! hey!! frailty!!!
Can you ever destroy our fraternity?
Our abilities, royalty, and dignity?
We shall keep you down the gravity
Why threaten us with eternity?

We are humans and we accept mortality
With our noble hearts and morality
We are kind and full of hospitality
Do you think you can toy with our mentality?

Hey, frailty! Show us your identity!
We move with the majority
So step back if you’re a minority
We never care about your maturity.

It’s a pain to have lost our mobility
But we can never call that a calamity
We are strong as a community
So we shall overcome every adversity.

Your frailty full of deformity
Putting on the crown of abnormality
Your enormity against our masculinity
For we are strong and we grow in unity

Everyday in a year is our festivity
Life is indeed full of vanity
But we appreciate the Almighty
For the positivity and the negativity

Hey, frailty! You cursed upon us fragility
And debility to our capability
You deprived us of our reliability
Our feasibility and creativity

Hey, frailty! Your consequence is a fatality
A state of serenity
Surety, we have to taste the toxicity
Out of curiosity, who are you frail??


Frailty at old age

I can remember vividly how my grandmother left the world. I was not a child then. I have seen how strong she was during her adulthood before she got older. And moreover, my dad narrated a lot of stories about her, the love the people had for her, how she stood up for women in the community, she was loved by everyone in the community for her good heart and uprightness.

At times when she makes moves in her 70's, I would pray for a woman as strong as she is and I hope to be like her even at old age.

But time flies. She was on her sickbed and I could remember her days as a strong woman and how frailty gradually came upon her. The strong woman we all know had become so weak that she couldn't even sit on her own. She couldn’t feed herself anymore and her skin that was fresh and glowing had become rough and wrinkled. The beauty on her face had faded away.


Image by Pexels on Pixabay

The woman whose voice is always heard became a woman who we would have to put our ears by her mouth to listen to whatever she had to say, at times we have to listen several times before we could understand.

It was about time she tried to fight against frailty, she thought she was still the strong woman of those days. She recovered for a few days and was back to bed again after. She already knew death was approaching.

She called us and told us to make good use of the time when we can run on our two legs before the time we would have to rely on a third leg (walking stick) and won't have the opportunity to run anymore. She asked us to make use of our brain while we are opportune to tasked it before it becomes less available to us.


Frailty at a tender age

Please play video and watch closely

Most times I asked myself frequently. What if I never live to see tomorrow?. This would go in line with the movie based on true life story I watched titled CLOUDS as you can surely enjoy in the music above. It was indeed so challenging to have known the date of your demise and still have to live towards it.

What if we all know our last day on earth then I think no one would have to bother about making it in life. Many would have given up and make frailty overcome them. The fear of not knowing what tomorrow has in place for us is less when compared to the fear and weakness we would have if we were to live our lives taking a countdown to the last day.

What if I won't even have to get married in life?. What if I get married and never have to wait to see my unborn children?. What if I never grow old?.


Frailty towards success

The road to success is surely not an easy one. There is always the presence of bumps and dumps, and no shortcut to success.

At times out of fear and anxiety, we get weakened towards our goals and accomplishments thereby make our achievement a bit harder.
Frailty in every step we take, most time the source of our weakness is comparing ourselves to others. We all have our different paces in life and so we all have our different timing. You might be slow today and your friends so fast. That never guaranteed your failure or a reason to let you down.

Like in the movie based on true life story (clouds). Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with cancer, which made him almost give up on his dreams, the talents inside of him, the woman he loved, and the love he gave to his family and loved ones.
He got inspired again and he unleashed the great thing inside of him. He sang the song clouds which made it to the top on Apple music. He never waited to see much after his success, but he was happy leaving after he accomplished something with the few times he had left.

Why do we think it's all over for us?. When there is breath in our hearts, there is always a ray of hope to do better. One thing we have to do is to sit back and understand is to find a place in our hearts, realize our weak points and make sure to fight them over. This is when you realize your true self.

Be who you are! And never let frailty be the source of your failure.


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