Move The Seedlings Kangkong (Water Spincah) in The Media Hydroponic

Kangkong (Water Spinach)

Hello every one and community. it's time for us to farming. Today, I will move kangkong (water spinach) I've been sowing for the past 7 days into the growing media. For your information, Kangkong (water spinach) is a vegetable that is very popular in Asia and also in my country, Indonesia. Kangkong (water spincah) favored by many people because it tastes delicious and easy to cook.



I use the seedling tray to facilitate the process of seeding kangkong (water spinach), benefits do seeding seeds in the seedling tray is the vegetables will grow uniform and will allow us to calculate the number of seeds for sowing. Like, this kangkong (water spinach) I use the seedling tray with size 200 holes, I sow the seeds of as much as 2 tray. So, I have 400 seeds kangkong (water spinach) which I will plant today.



Before the seedlings are moved, I will clean the media used of moss or dirt. If not cleaned, the fertilizer that we give to the plant will be absorbed by the moss and make the growth of the vegetables so slow and stagnant. I use media styrofoam former fish and Styrofoam former fruit export. I get the media sterofoam this is from a collectors item unused in my city, the average age of the planting media is already almost 4-5 years. Quite durable and not expend a lot of additional costs for repair.


Next, I prepared the water as a planting medium. Hydroponic basically is to plant various types of plants to utilize water as a replacement for the land. But, if you only use water without fertilizer as a result the growth of the vegetables we planted would not be the maximum. Fertilizer hydroponic consists of two types are often called Fertilizer A and Fertilizer B. One of the growing media use water as much as 10 liters and 20 ml of Fertilizer A + 20ml Fertilizer B, with levels of 1000 ppm. For dispensing fertilizer and so my work done, I was assisted by my dad.


I usually make water fertilizer as much as 100 litres. To facilitate the work of I usually fill in all the media with water before moved the seedlings kangkong (water spinach).



Seeds kangkong (water spinach) are already ready to move. It is very easy we just need to insert the seeds into the net pot and ensure that the roots are not pinched and can touch the water in the media.


Kangkong (water spinach) is ready to move and next week we will see how the development of this vegetable.

Thank you for reading this article…
Happy Farming. ..

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