The Process of Trimming for The Good Quality of Melon Fruit

Growing Melon Fruit Progress


Still remember the post melon plants last week?
Yesterday I already discussed how to growing and caring for plant melon fruit (cantaloupe) in hydroponics.
This time, I want to discuss the fruit that has begun to grow and thrive.

Plant melon fruit is a plant that propagates and has unique characteristics. Plant Melon fruit is very easy to spread and requires a buffer to the plants keep growing.

Trimming Process


As in melon plants, I make a buffer of a rope which will make the plant remains strong despite having to withstand a load of fruit that is bigger and heavy. Usually in 1 of the plant stem can grow 2-5 pieces.

For this method, to keep the quality of the fruit, I'm going to trim some of the fruits that grow, leaving only 2 pieces that will grow simultaneously. So the sense that is produced by the fruit will be very sweet and quality.

Why need to be trimmed? Because the berries that grow in 1 of the plant exceed 3 pieces, the necessary nutrients will be quite drained and make the sweet taste of the fruit is lost. There is only the fruit that grows and not quality.

For the trimming process or the selection of the fruit, usually, I will cut on the ends and leaving the shoots already growing on parts 1-1,5 m from the roots of the plants. Then I shall tie a string buffer on the part which is already growing shoots. This is done because it will help the buds which will be the will of fruit and reinforce the stem of the plant. So no need to worry about the fruit will fall.

Tips Growing to Harvest


For treatment on the growth of the fruit, one needs to check the nutrients in the manure ab mix and see a well-developed root.

If using the soil for planting melon fruit, always pay attention to the weeds that grow around the plant, to be cleaned because it is usually of plant diseases melon fruit comes from the weeds that grow around the plant.

The melon plant also actually requires chemical pesticides or organic if nourishes the plant melon fruit in a large quantity. Because this plant is very easy once stricken with the disease of the plant.

Although planting and caring for plants melon looks very easy, of course, have to watch out for and pay attention to the plants are not damaged and do not rot.


The process from start planting until harvest time, takes time 50-70 days after sowing seeds. This time is short enough to get a good harvest, so many agricultural experts argue that melon plants have a high economic value with a relatively short time.

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