My Conversation with a Philosopher in the Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±


As I writer, it’s always exciting to reach a new audience. So, I was happy, one month ago, to be contacted by a philosopher from the Netherlands β€” Minke Tromp β€” inviting me for an online interview.

Tromp is, also, an anthropologist and founder of the Black Sheep : an online platform for people who are misunderstood and ignored so often that they lose faith in themselves and humanity.

Through this community, Tromp aspires to encourage her audience to have a positive impact on the world and help people see their true potential when it comes to the art of thinking.

To achieve this goal, Minke likes having interviews with people whose ideas can contribute to the community, which is why I was invited :)

Our interview was a lively, informal talk, lasting around half an hour, and as wide-ranging as a spontaneous conversation.

Video footage is going to get shared within the Black Sheep Community and in courses Tromp teaches.
A teaser of our interview will also get shared on their Social Media Channels.

Will share more, πŸ”œ


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