The Sulamith Wülfing Project

The Sulamith Wülfing Project

The forgotten daughter of the city

Sulamith Wülfing Crown of Lights.jpg
Sulamith Wülfing - Crown of light
source: Héctor Pineda on Facebook

Back in February I posted about the start of this project in the German Community D-A-CH.
While based in Wuppertal, it is a international effort with artists from all over the world participating. My post Sulamith Wülfing - a sneak preview introduced the start of the project initiated by gallerist Yvette Endrijautzki from the Nautilus Studio. Since then much has happened - some good news and also some setbacks, having to do with Corona Regulations among other things. I talked with her about lending a hand, so I will be involved with the project aside from being one of the participating artists.

My help will primarily be with putting the planned book together and ready it for publication.
Some of the things I can also help with has to do with research, and while Yvette has done a lot of it right there on the ground in Wuppertal, the home of Sulamith Wülfling, I found on a search a lovely tune, inspired by one of her works:
L'apparition (The Appearing) refers to one of Sulamith Wulfing's beautiful paintings, "The Evening Star"..
Started in September 2019, and left aside for a while.. Finished in January 2020.. No FM synthesis had been used, for once..
Entirely done with Caustic, a cellphone DAW by SingleCellSoftware ( and, though it offers an FMsynth, almost everything has been played with analog SUBsynth, except for the piano (PCMsynth) and the drums (BeatBox) which are samples, and the acoustic-guitar-harpsichord-sounding KSsynth..
Nothing played on real physical keyboards.. Everything entered in step mode, except for the leads/solos which were played/improvised live on the cellphone, using Caustic's virtual keyboard, and edited afterwards..
Artwork : The Evening Star (Abendstern), by Sulamith Wulfing (1901-1989)

The latest research by Yvette was indeed a lucky find
there are two versions, in English and German, on her LinkedIn account:
Sulamith Wülfing and the miniature wonderland
I give you excerpts from the English text and post photos from either one or the other versions
photos by Jana Turek, text by Yvette Endrijatzki

An archive print by Sulamith Wülfing in the middle of the rubble
(this refers to the house she lived in which is being remodelled by the new owners, and this print was found)

Looking for a venue for the upcoming exhibition 'Sulamith Wülfing, the forgotten daughter of the city' (Event Link) , I received a call from Mr. Markert, nicknamed Knibbel Cronenberg in Wuppertal, where Sulamith Wülfing once lived. He replied to a newspaper article in the Westdeutsche Zeitung announcing the art exhibition. Yesterday Mr. Knibbel, my girlfriend and photographer Jana Turek and I met in his Cronenberg house, where Mr. Knibbel wanted to share a few stories about Sulamith with us. He had known the Wülfing family since childhood and used to visit them frequently. He emphasized that his father's birthday was on January 11th, exactly on the same day as Sulamith Wülfing (January 11th, 1901).


With all these treasures, gems and tools, I couldn't refrain from telling Jana, that I felt like I was entering a fairy tale, and that Mr.Knibbel reminded me perfectly of one of snow whites magical dwarfs.


There is much more to read, a fascinating story - READ MORE at Yvettes LinkedIn

After presenting us many of the gifts given by Sulamith's son Otto, like a few antike coffee mugs and a whiskey flasks (of the year 1820) owned and used by Sulamith, but also many of her art cards, archival prints and an antike calendar of Wülfing's work, he then invited us to his small private museum which was located in the cellar and in a shed of his garden. This turned out to be a total suprise!


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Foto: Jana Turek publ. Westdeutsche Zeitung
the background to this story is in my previous post from February

The promotional video by Yvette Endrijautzki

And here is a short preview video of details of the artwork I am contributing to this project:

I will separately post about this artwork with progress photos, a longer video and details about my techniques in the near future.

More about Sulamith Wülfing - there is Facebook Page in her honor
(spelling of her name is not correct on that page):

Sulamith Wulfing

Sulamith Wülfing was a German artist and illustrator.
source: Facebook Page

Visit my website


at the Fuchs Villa in Vienna
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