We Appreciate These Awesome Gifts <3 Thank You! <3

A few days back, one of my mama's cousin told us that his daughter is going to be in the area with some friends and that they requested her to give us something. Their family is very close to ours and we used to hangout a lot since my and my second degree cousins' elementary days.

My mama and my aunt (mama's cousin's wife) are very close and they usually call each other almost every week just to talk about various things about family, food and a lot more. When they mentioned about my cousin's plan with her friends, my aunt was so excited to tell my mom about the gift. She wanted it to be a secret but she gave mama some clues about it. She said it's something big and that my mama would really like it.

They happen to be cleaning the other house and were trying to sell or give away some stuff because one of my cousins is transferring there with her husband. They found two amazing stuff that they unanimously decided to give us. Yes, there are two but they sent one of them first because the other one is much bigger, so my cousin might have a difficult time taking it. But my other cousin is going out of town with his hubby's family soon, so she'd be the one to give us the other one.

A few days back and it arrived... we were indeed super surprised and we definitely like it!



It's a huge cross-stitch of Jesus and it is indeed really beautiful! It was apparently made by another aunt and my uncle had it framed. This can actually sell for a high price but they decided to give it to us as a gift instead. <3 They're the sweetest family I've ever met! It made me... us miss them even more. It would be awesome to spend time with each family again.


The gift they sent also came with this super delicious lemon cake. My cousin has a business called SUGAR PICKS, you can check their Facebook Page and Instagram. If you're from Cebu especially in Lapu-Lapu City since they're based there. I assure you, their cakes are awesome! <3 We are going to order soon when my cousin goes out of town, so she can deliver to our place since it's just on the way. ^^

But really, I love their family so much. I went to the same elementary school with their kids and those days were awesome. Even though we transferred to the countryside when I became a high school student and just became busy with university and work... when we met again after so many years a few years back, it was as if nothing has changed. <3 We can still be goofy and crazy with each other.



We hang it on the wall by the door. It's in our small space for welcoming guests. Our wall needs some cleaning and repainting, though. haha But it's really wonderful. <3 I used to cross-stitch when I was younger but I haven't framed them until they just got lost somewhere from transferring houses a lot. Having something framed is pricey. T_T

I'll end this post here for now! See you around! ^^



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