A birthday celebration with family and friends

This Saturday, we celebrated ni niece's birthday, Chelita. Mi sister threw for her an amazing birthday party and rented an inflatable princess's castle and she invited some of our close friends and family who are taking care of themselves Covid wise.

Chela's birthday was actually a few days ago and I was supposed to give her today her birthday present, but on Thursday she came with my sister to my house and I was too excited both to see her and to wait until Saturday to give her the present. I bought her a huge Disney castle for her dolls and when I gave it to her, she got so excited I had to take some pics, I think she loved it and I hope she gets to play a lot with it (and that she doesn't end up forgetting about it too soon).


When we arrived in the Party, I saw one of my closest friends, practically my sister, and it turns out she also got a knee operation, just like myself, a few days ago. The difference between us is, a day after she got the surgery she was already able to walk with the help of one crotch. It was very funny for my family and friends to watch us two hang out together, sitting down in a corner, both with our leg up in a chair and with our crotches beside us.

Everyone was laughing at and with us, an uncle even joked about it saying "oh, I didn't know we all had to bring our crotches, I didn't get the memo!".


Saturday was fun, I was glad to have some interaction with people outside of those I meet for work or at my house, and to get out of the house after 5 weeks of recovery time from my knee surgery.

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