Exploring new architecture enroute Trekking site.

Humans made many beautiful building and structure. No doubts some of the world wonders monuments, like of Taj Mahal ,or Pyramid and others are rare example of some of the best man made structure that put them in elite group of human art. It was sheer beauty that make them undistinguisable with any other normal buildings structure

However, in modern times as we always acknowledge the footprints left by the older architect, we also sometime see some of the finest architecture art from modern people.


The best of one of them I saw during my last week trekking to Parasnath hills. As we were moving towards the hills, there were many building along the roadside.


And some of them were so attractive that we simply stopped to click them. These were tha Lord Mahavir temple that were build in recent time by New workforce to set a new benchmark for future.


Big entrance combined with huge Tomb and clubbed with some innovative design. These were simply allow us to take a breather in between our tough course to hill.


There were many structure one after the another and each of them were beautiful hand work of humans. Though were not allowed to go inside these big building due to Covid lockdown, but we made sure to click from every angle.


We started to appreciate the region the moment we reach to the destination. The turning point from where we have to move towards the hills has a beautiful man made Pillar right in middle of the road.


Welcoming us to the beautiful natural paradise that came along to one of the beautiful pligrimage site in India. These structure just showed us a glimpse of some of the best place in that region.

The reason I am appreciating such structure is because of the fact that these were made in middle of hills, and along one of the most remote area of the region. The area us still hugely populated by the local tribes. But only because of being the pilgrimage site, the structure get existed in such remote area.

The walk to the hills has many other beautiful memory and hope to bring in some other time. This is just a memorable #wednesdaywalk for @tattoodjay.


Namaste @steemflow