Butterflies all around me ^_^

Hello hivers! I hope you're having a nice Friday! Me and my hubby @paolobeneforti are having some hard days cause the health of our fathers. Nothing serious (and nothing covid related, fortunately!), but both of them (my father and the father of my hubby) are having some health issues and so we are helping them to go to the doctors for the health tests, etc. Cause the Covid restrictions everything is difficolt, more than before, cause we can't stay close to them when they are inside the hospital, but we know they are in good hands.
It's not a quiet time, as you can understand, and so I need to think about something nice and positive. Because of this, I thought to share with you some pics I took on Sunday, when we went to walk in the forest. There is a place there where during the summer we can see a lot of different butterflies all around us and it's so beautiful to see all those beauties flying around our bodies!



DSCN4743 (2).JPG

DSCN4742 (2).JPG

Waiting more relaxed time to come back to my art,
I wish you a nice weekend!

see ya soon and stay safe,

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