Philosophical Knowledge: A Guide to Human Actions

Philosophical Knowledge: A Guide to Human Actions

Philosophical thought has contributed to the generation of knowledge throughout history having an impact on the future development of the individual and society.

Philosophy is considered a mental activity that allows us to build ideas from contemplation, often related to the deep analysis of the nature of the human being. It is something that adapts to all ages while the human being seeks explanation beyond science and the apologies of knowledge such as religion and customs.

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It has a reflective character on the events occurred questioning the: What?, Why?, Who?, What for? of the phenomena; triggering a dynamic of thoughts that leads to the search for the principle of things and the explanation of reality.

"The use of criticism and rationality can turn the person into an autonomous and self-confident being, thus, philosophical thinking is based on reflection and observation as the main way to approach the source of knowledge."

It is my intention to talk about the philosophy of thought as a strategy for solving the problems of everyday life. We are somehow subject to the routine of the physical and virtual world, such is the case, for those of us who work on decentralized platforms.

This implies that our knowledge is largely theoretical and constantly renewed thanks to the reading and study of the abundant material we consult on the Internet.


In the same way, when we leave the PC aside and dedicate ourselves to the family or other home or social activities, now our way of transmitting knowledge and learning from others becomes something more protagonist associated to the real and physical world that becomes a new complex concept, at the same time, nourished by different standards of knowledge.

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The real world for many of us is set in two contexts (physical and virtual), many of our influences and work relationships are framed in the blockchain work however our sentimental relationships and family contact belong to the physical world.

Hence, it will be our application of philosophical knowledge in charge of shaping the world around us one of the most effective tools to stand out in the symbiosis of these two realities being able to channel our advocacy for existence with necessary parallelism and the application of knowledge in this way of life that many of us put into practice.

"The aim of philosophy is to respond in a qualitative way to the existence of being and its approach to truth as a guide to human actions that validate its proceeding and arguments that sustain it."


Finally, we could find a way to link ourselves to modern life and everyday functions, which are becoming more and more demanding, by putting philosophical knowledge into practice in order to find answers to problems and thus move our purposes forward.

Throughout history there is evidence that philosophy has served greatly for the development of man and humanity, the establishment of laws and methods of coexistence that explain the logic of life allowing the organization of society and the performance of functions.

Today the proposal to use the philosophy of knowledge to face the challenges of today's life, where being on the path of wisdom is the most advisable investment to compete and stand out in the modern world improving human actions and the consolidation of the objectives, is still as valid today.


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