Photoshoot section to celebrate momma

Hello Hive

To a woman of virtue
Filled with light and love
Who picked me up as her very own
When the other world took away my biological mother.
She stood in the gap for me
Following me closely with a mothers affection and divine leading.
A mother of all nations
Who had but 3 children
Yet Adopted and took care of many
Like Sarah of old
She is the mother of nations.
Giving out her everything
Opening her house to strangers
Feeding the poor and needy
Giving light and hope to the down cast.

You are indeed genuine and the love of Christ is seen in you.

I will rather celebrate you in life and create these memories that in a hundred years to come I will look back and not regret that I didn't thank you enough for what you have done for me. I made this mistake once, not celebrating people I love and cherish the most and that memory is lost forever. "I lost mercy and now I found grace", mercy was my mother and now grace is my new mother 💃💃💃💃







This was the opening ceremony that marked her day yesterday, serious of other activities went on like the surprise birthday party and how j joined the chef to prepare the meals.
I guess I would be collecting my catering certificate tomorrow because the food was delicious and got plenty remarks.

We had a fun filled day full of activities, celebrating this strong brave and kind mother with @gloriaolar, stay tuned for the surprise party.

Celebrate momma with us.

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