Important information about Water conservative method for proper rice growth and maturity

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Rice plants needs adequate supply of water for proper maturity unless you are planning to harvest empty hulls at a great loss.

We have come to the end of rain and there has been no recent drops for over a week now, this way we are eventually saying goodbye to the raining season for this year.

But the rice grains still needs a little more time to get fully matured and this cannot be possible in the absent of rains unless we want to harvest empty rice hulls.

A water conservative system in the farm involves locally creating a barricade that can retain water in the farm for a longer period and even in the absence of rain that the crops will get fully matured before harvest.

This can be done locally by filling sacks with sand and placing them along the water outlet paths of the farm




Now comparing these two plants of rice, planted at the same time anf in the same location you will see why rice plants needs adequate supply of water.



The one at the upland area of planting has suffered and gives a stunded growth while one in the swamp had a healthy growth and even bearing its grains already.

Getting to know the types of grains planted is also important as rice exist in different species, some require alot of swampy water to thrive in while another specie called the upland rice does not need as much water to produce well.
All of these I have learnt over time from years of planting and growing this grain.

So if you are having the planting and growing of this grain in mind, get these information might just be handy and useful.

Its a privileged to have you stop by and read these.

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