Beautiful tulle net cover top

Hello Hiveians

As a creative fashion designer, you have to stay ahead of your games and watch out for the latest trend in fashion.
It is true that you cannot know it all and its possible to get inspired by what others put on in the street.

You can also check out the new trending styles and add your own finishing touches or probably have it transformed.

Each time I walk the street attracted to beautiful things and like a writer I use my phone to snap or make quick sketches so that I won't forget.

I have been working with tulle net of late and its no wonder that I got attracted to this one at first glance.

Its a good idea to make very short top to the bust level for those of who that designed an off shoulder and do not want to rock it in a particular day or to a place seeing that's it may not be ideal to fit in for where you are going to or you probably just need some touch of another style on your dress outside the regular roses and Fascinator


We just pick up styles from the street and analyze how we think it has been designed.




I fell in love with this very one both the design and fabrics and am sure gonna replicate this though mine would be a purple or blue.

Male, female, adult or children, am sure there is someone out there like me. Who get inspired by other peoples outfit.

Males could get inspired or attracted to suits styles and dressing of other male counterpart,

Let's hear if you are one of us

Thank you for having me.

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