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Everyone is this planet Earth have their opinion about one thing or the other but I have always have this opinion that what ever you give , that's what you get if you give love you will receive love too , if we give hate you will also receive hate


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Earth our natural habitat have given us a beautiful environment for our development as a being in the universe ,a place to lay out head at night , a place to raise of our young ones , a place to go by our daily activities and a whole lots of activities but the question now is, what have you given to mother Earth why is there so much war everywhere ,why can't we live in harmony , why's everyone is acting like that know it all like they are saint , I don't really understand why so much hate even between family members there's hate
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Not to talk of the rate of racism out there people are now scared if voicing out their ideas ,bad government here and there
Is this what we've turned ourselves into ? Is this what we've given mother Earth ? Do you think nature is happy. I'm not saying we don't give positive to mother Earth but at least we've to improve ,show love to humanity , many people are hungry but they are people with billions of dollars in their bank account doing nothing their just to answer to frobes list , where's the kindness.why can't be compassionate to our fellow human beings .

People I think we should do better♥️

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