Tiny waterfall ... ... tiny title ... tiny post

Tiny | by Johann Piber

You know I love waterfalls and that I prefer small waterfalls hidden in the woods to these big and well known waterfalls where wide well-trodden tourist paths lead to.

When I was in the Soča Valley in Slovenia in the beginning of July this year, I left the footpath through the gorge and climbed a few meters down the rocks to be closer to the water.
It was not dangerous because the rocks were not wet, and it's a place where many hikers take photos of this beautiful emerald green river.
But there's more to see than only the river, the rock walls have amazing shapes and colors and after rainfalls countless of small waterfalls appear on the canyon walls. On the day I was there only one of these waterfalls was left, a tiny little one, but I loved it and I thought it looked great below the beautiful rock wall.

Tiny | by Johann Piber

Of course I have taken more than only one photo, but this one is the best in my eyes, and that's why I have listed it for sale on my Gallery at Foundation: https://foundation.app/@johannpiber/tiny-62374

Here are a few close-ups of the waterfall and the shapes of the rock.

Tiny | by Johann Piber
Tiny | by Johann Piber

Of course, I know that nobody would call this little thing of a few centimeters in height a waterfall, but if you don't mind, I still call it a waterfall 😎

Tiny | by Johann Piber
Tiny | by Johann Piber

I said above that only this one waterfall was left. Well, that's not completely right, because water ran down in some places, but these rivulets were even for me too small to be called "waterfall". In the following phto you can see these thin rivulets and the waterfall I have photographed - can you see it and notice the huge difference πŸ˜‰

Tiny | by Johann Piber

Well, as I said in the beginning "tiny waterfall ... tiny post", this was it, a little bit longer than I thought, but now we are at the end of my post - all in all only one image and advertisement for my NFT gallery. I hope next time I'll find more time to write and photos to show.


The photo was taken with the Canon EOS R and the Canon RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM lens.
If you are interested in the image data, I leave all EXIF and IPTC information stored in the pictures.

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take care, stay safe and healthy,
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