Autumn is knocking on the Door

I'm working today on a Sunday, but I have taken advantage of a nice Friday evening and an even better Saturday morning to go out and take a few photos.

The Autumn in knocking on the Door

The Autumn is here

Hazy evenings, misty mornings and golden light, oh how I love these.
I hope the Autumn will be like the weather is now - warm and nice. I only wish to see some higher clouds in the evenings at sunset or in the mornings for colorful fire in the sky, at least when I go for a photoshoot ;)

..: Friday Evening :..

On Friday evening I drove up a small mountain near home, where I am quite often for sunsets to be honest, but I don't think I have had much luck up there this year. Most times there was bad weather or dark gray clouds covered the setting sun.

Autumnal Sunset
[Click for full size]

At first there were no clouds in the west where sun was supposed to set, but then the clouds came from the left side just before the sun has set. Once more I have had no luck with a colourful sunset sky, but there will be another day and another sunset :)

Autumnal Sunset - Mountain Layers - Church on a Mountain Top
[Click for full size]
Autumnal Sunset - Mountain Layers - Castle Hochosterwitz
[Click for full size]

When I saw the two images above I realized that I could also have taken a nice panorama photo, but both, the Church on the mountain peak (left image) and the Castle Hochosterwitz (right image) you can see in the next photo anyway.

I know the images are quite dark, so I would recommend you to click on them to open the photos in higher resolution a new window or tab.

Autumnal Sunset - Mountain Layers
[Click for full size]


Golden in the garden,
Golden in the glen,
Golden, golden, golden
September's here again!
Golden in the tree tops,
Golden in the sky -
Golden, golden, golden
September's going by!

by Annette Wynne

..: Saturday Morning :..

When I arrived at the reservoir at about 5:30 yesterday morning, the crescent moon was still to see right above the place where the sun should rise half an hour later.

Autumnal Sunrise at the Reservoir - Crescent Moon
[Click for full size]

While I was enjoying the quiet morning at the lake and taking photos, my DJI Pocket 2 was taking a little time lapse video which shows about 45 minutes of the time I have spent there.

[See it on YouTube]

I think I have made only one time lapse video ever before, but with another camera. So please don't mind the quality of the video because I really had no idea what I was doing ;)

Autumnal Sunrise at the Reservoir
[Click for full size]

Fog and low clouds came in and dissolved shortly after, but a thin layer of mist stayed over the water surface and added nicely to the images, especially on the horizon in the distance and along the other side of the lake.

Autumnal Sunrise at the Reservoir
[Click for full size]

Autumn Play

World, to-day you're red and gold,
Who could call you sad or old?
Who could say that autumn grieves! -
See, she dances through the leaves
Like a happy child at play
On a golden holiday.
Come out in the sun and see
What a glorious child is she,
Not a sad thought in her head,
Radiant with gold and red -
Autumn world of red and gold
Who could call you sad or old?

by Annette Wynne

Autumnal Sunrise at the Reservoir
[Click for full size]

A few years ago there was also such a thin band of fog along the lakeside like in the photos above and below, but the rising sun has lit it up as if it was on fire. I think I have posted photos of that morning on the other blockchain.

Autumnal Sunrise at the Reservoir
[Click for full size]

The sun rose and you might wonder why the photo is still that dark. Well, I have underexposed the photo quite a bit to achieve this style of image which somehow should suit the golden Autumn theme.

Autumnal Sunrise at the Reservoir
[Click for full size]

The first warm sun rays have reached the trees along the lakeside to my right and in this photo you can also see the light layer of mist that is still hovering over the water.

Autumnal Sunrise at the Reservoir - The Trees have begun to change Colour
[Click for full size]

I want to end this post with a little guy I met on my way back to the car: this butterfly was still sleeping on the blade of grass and it was full of morning dew. I didn't want to wake it up and couldn't tell by the underside of the wings which kind of butterfly it is.
Unfortunately, I didn't have my macro lens not with me, so the 70-200 had to do the job.

Autumnal Sunrise at the Reservoir - Sleeping Butterfly
[Click for full size]

The Autumn hasn't started yet, I know, but the past two days have brought me an autumnal feeling and I am looking even more forward to the most colourful season of the year.


All photos were taken with the Canon EOS R and one of these lenses: Canon RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM or Canon RF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM.
If you are interested in the image data, I leave all EXIF and IPTC information stored in the pictures.

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Johann Piber @johannpiber
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