Can the Hive blockchain handle erotic or pornographic content ?

This post is a translation and an adaptation of an article I wrote in French. If you find the images offensive, I will try to replace them with kittens ! 😇 Also if you consider this article to be NSFW, let me know ! The subject deserves to be discussed as it concerns our network.

I am well aware that discussing a subject as sensitive as sex on the Hive blockchain may be prejudicial to me or to my reputation with some readers. But at the risk of sounding like a big pervert, it would be a shame not to ask the question about the viability of an industry that could potentially establish itself on the network and thus offer content. To see only the public aspect of a blockchain purged of any sexual articles or videos goes against the fundamental principles that the designers of Steem and then Hive have set themselves. Since the goal here is to offer a platform for free expression, it goes without saying that the exhibition of bodies and manners can be perceived as a form of art (Hum...Hum, throat clearing 😙) or entertainment that has its place in our news feed (or not...).

More generally, this type of content is concentrated on various dedicated platforms, owned by large groups specialising in the pornographic industry (and no, I won't throw out any links, you little rascals!). This operation, which could be described as centralised, still has a particular appeal as it is the place to be in terms of the plethora of content on offer and its accessibility. Sites such as PornHub or Xvideos have become major players in the industry and now form the majority of the industry's distribution on the net.

Let's not fool ourselves !

Nevertheless, we are increasingly witnessing the emergence of people offering their charms independently. They are selling their bodies or performances with the help of tools such as OnlyFans as well as through the massive use of social networks with a libertarian tendency. This kind of practice is becoming legion in the columns of Reddit or DeviantArt. A new form of content that is no longer the property of an omnipotent production group but of an individual who manages his image, his fan base and his income.

Everything would suggest that Hive would be an ideal platform to ensure total independence for this type of author. Indeed, our beloved blockchain has certain undeniable assets:

  • No intermediary to make the works available. The author collects all his earnings and is also responsible for his own promotion.

  • Possibility of profiting from his work in free consultation thanks to the upvote system. In addition, there is the possibility of creating a showcase that is just as profitable and that redirects to a personal website. This page could be paid for, and the person in question would thus double his or her income.

  • Involvement with the blockchain and the community. As we all know, sex sells, and the impetus for such a practice on Hive would dramatically increase its visibility and usage. It's a bit racy, but it could benefit the network by increasing the number of registered members. Those who can contribute and participate outside of this focus.

  • Democratization of cryptos in the world of charm and pornography. A notion that is still not widespread in this sector, apart from the timid attempts proposed by PornHub for its VIP accesses.

  • The amateur video game sector, which focuses on mature content, could also benefit from this for its financing and development campaigns. A whole new scene is currently forming around software such as Ren'Py or Unity (I'll be writing about this in another article).

Now that we have listed the advantages, let's move on to the cons:

  • One of the first and undoubtedly one of the most delicate points revolves around the abuses that this can cause. As the content is not checked upstream and no entity exercises an authority role, it is possible that some malicious people take advantage of it to post things that are morally reprehensible and especially condemnable by international law. I am thinking in particular of paedophilia or any other abject practice. Taking this eventuality into account, it will be up to the community to stand up and play its role as a barrier. In this particular case, it will be more than important to set up a specialised group to deal with it. Personally, I don't even want to think about it...

  • The right to be forgotten is out the window because everything that is sent to the blockchain remains there indefinitely. Whether it is text or images, it will be impossible for the user to draw a line under his past. This can be detrimental to their public image or in the event of a job search.

  • It must be admitted that the lack of popularity of the platform does not play in favour of the authors of this kind of practice. Although accounts or communities such as @dporn exist, the lack of visibility does not help attract hypothetical interested parties.

  • The difficulty and lack of accessibility to transfer one's cryptos into an immediate source of income. Although things are improving on this side, this can also be a sufficient deterrent to not developing this type of entertainment independently.

This article is not intended to incite this kind of development, but to provoke reactions and debate. As you know, my involvement with blockchain sometimes leads me to wonder about plausible circumstances. Is there a place for charm and porn on Hive ? But more importantly, do we really need this ? With these simple questions and this brief, non-exhaustive summary, I hope to open a dialogue, without taboos !

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