Vacation Was Good

First Day Out

Over the last week, I had some friends that I met online come up to Michigan and it's safe to say that they are as amazing as I thought from our online experiences. They are from Indiana so it was quite a trip for them, it won't happen often but I am happy I got to experience that at least once, maybe I'll drive down there next summer.

As the trip is a good 5-6 hours, we took it easy on the first night just grabbing some groceries and setting up our camping spot. I'd call myself a "city boy" so I didn't help with the tent, but it feels good to know even the more "southern" still have troubles with tents. I found it quite comical, I'm sure everyone around also thought so. It's been a good year or more for me, so sitting by the fire was a much needed stress reliever.

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Day Two

Today we had a decent amount of plans, so we got to eating fast and checking out the rest of the campground. Even though the place was extremely close to my house, the actual grounds were not bad at all, just had to forget I'm practically 5 minutes away from home. While walking down the trails, all five of us went around taking turns taking pictures which was fun. I'm always the person that makes a joke out of pictures, I don't like them so my impulse is to mess around and do stupid poses.

Continuing on, after the trail we found ourselves swimming. Another thing I hadn't done in quite a long time. The first bit felt really good until we started to notice the extreme amount of plants we all were standing on. Not a huge deal, but after time it got to be too much. When I say there were plants, I mean growing out of the 6ft (1.8m) deep water and being able to pull out a full ghillie suit under one swipe of a leg.



After cleaning up, we went to a movie (Of course?! Who doesn't like movies?) and I'm not gonna lie or go around it. I was not impressed by the new Space Jam, albeit I have not watched the first, but it was just "meh" to me. Not great, but not terrible.

Day Three

Day three is action packed, we started early hitting up Starbucks, going bowling and much more. As a non-coffee drinker, the fruit lemonades Starbucks offer are not bad! However, not gonna say the price is worth it. Next, we traveled to three different bowling alleys, who woulda thought so many bowling alleys are closed on a Wednesday afternoon? (everyone Kryptics.. everyone). Luckily, we found one, we bought a 90-minute timer and got through two and a half games before running out. Safe to say I was consistent, I got third place every time.



Bowling was soo much fun, definitely going to be my #1 date idea when the time comes. Just so much fun and in a way it lets out some of the stresses of life.

Part 2

After bowling, we went to a restaurant called Gatsby's which was a cool experience but I definitely ordered something I don't like. Had to mix it up, can't go with the same order every day of your life, just didn't work this time.


After some failure of malls closing at 8, we went to the Tridge and got some amazing photos. I'd like to say I'm good with photos, but I'm definitely not great in reality. However, I gotta' give myself some credit, with just a phone and quick filters I think I did decent.

I know the pictures do not show it, but the Tridge is a tourist location in Michigan and is a series of trails with a triple-bridge connecting the different trails. It is actually a really cool place, seeing a bridge connect to three different places is quite a view.

Part 3

We wasted time at the Tridge because we had another movie tonight (Amazing! IKR?). Another "meh" movie compared to the original but we chose to watch A Quiet Part 2. I felt it was lacking a good "objective" but I do suggest watching it if you watched the first one.

The Indiana boys had another night to stay however some personal stuff came up and threw everything planned into a tornado. Thank god they understood, but I had to spend the most of Thursday in a hospital. I was lucky to be given the opportunity to say goodbye and hug them but hopefully next time things go a bit better and nothing like this happens again 🤞



Forgetting Thursday, vacation was really good! I don't like having plans everyday so I don't know if I'll be doing something as organized as that but the whole week really let me forget everything from work, school, and ordinary days.

Thanks for reading!
Until next time...


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