Hacky Packies Strike Again...

Listen To Me... It's Worth It

Hey you.. yeah you! Security is VERY IMPORTANT. What I want is for you to finish reading this post, then immediately check all of your "stupid" accounts that you don't check for anymore. They may not be important, but just make sure 2FA is on or have an extremely hard password. Anything and everything can and will be used against you if something bad happens to that account.

My Story... Again

Didn't we have this conversation a little bit ago? Yes. Yes we did, silly ole' Kryptics did not take that advice as fully as he should have. A month or so ago, a server data breach occurred and leaked a ton of information regarding accounts.

That is where my story begins, one of my multiple E-mailing accounts were in that breach. This in which blew past me as I don't check that email often - if at all - meaning the hacker got into my email, linking to many other accounts. Of those eight or so accounts, the guy got into my email and my Instagram, lucky for me that my email was easy to recover and secure making IG the solo highjack that I need to worry about.



I did have some financial accounts that were unsecure but not hacked. This absolutely blows my mind as that is easy money handed over and the guy failed to take advantage. But hey! I will take that, win for me on that aspect. Easy as 1,2,3 I changed the passwords and turned on 2FA to block any future potential issues.


What an absolute pain in the rear-end, since Facebook acquired IG, it has been a never-ending crapshoot that is impossible to make better with no new ideas to keep it current. However, I'm going to skip all of that and go into the reason why I bring up Instagram in this light. The help center is atrocious, sure, it may help newbies to IG without having to hire people to answer these silly questions.

Instagram help center does not have a live chat or actual number to call anymore, if you lose your account, chances are high that you will not get it back. Not only that, they did make a way to recover lost/hacked accounts but it just brings you into a full circle especially if the hacker removes all ways of authentication, phone number, Facebook connection, email, password, etc.

Striking It Rich



After a few days, I was given a chance to verify myself and get the account back. At that point, I had already lost some hope and started to think about making a new account. I was extremely lucky to have all of my accounts back without any harsh repercussions, please secure all of your accounts because not everyone can have a happy ending like me.

As for the hacker... HA you lost your one chance to have access to all of my finances and break big, but instead you chose the most useless account financially and lost that one too. As much as I lost to this person, I feel like a darn winner compared.

Important Part

Keep your accounts secure at all times! There are soo many ways to stay protected that you'd be foolish not to.



• Turn on 2FA
• Make sure passwords are not the same from other accounts
• Make the password impossible to just guess
• If there is an option, connect the account with your phone number
• Keep an eye on E-mails for possible account recovery emails
• Deactivate accounts you do not use anymore

That's just a few, stay safe my friends

Thanks for reading
Until next time...


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