I made it to the 1BCH CLUB!


Way back in March I had set my mid-term goal for my Noise.Cash earnings.
I wanted to become a member of the famous 1BCHCLUB. It's less sexy than having a 'normal' Bitcoin, but hey… earning 1BCH without investing any money and only by 'tweeting' Noise. I calculated that I would have earned 1BCH by October.

In the past few months I consistently created 2 or 3 noise.cash posts a day. Mostly about my photographs, but sometimes also other subjects.
I started interacting with other Noisers and my number of followers steadily increased and with that also the amount of tips.


On the way to the 1BCH club I got tempted to exchange some of my BCH earnings for other tokens when the price of BCH was around $1200 USD. I bought some CUB tokens with it to invest in CUBDeFi.
But I always kept my goal in sight.
And now with 10 days left until it is October I have made it! I own over 1BCH!
And I’ve gathered this 1BCH solely by posting on Noise.Cash!

And now?
Noise.Cash has become one of my daily social media habits. It's great to go through the posts on there. There are quite some interesting photographers on Noise.Cash and I also follow other people on there that post about Crypto or Blockchain gaming.
Noise.Cash encourages me to go out and take photographs to share with my followers. And as you can see you can actually make some money with it too.
Maybe when the price skyrockets above $1000 I will cash out my 1BCH, but for now I HODL it.
I do think I'm going to diversify my future Noise.Cash earnings a bit. I'll let it grow a bit, but will invest some in other projects too.

I know quite a few Hivers are already on Noise.Cash; How are you doing on there?
And if you're not registered yet; come and join us there 😊
https://noise.cash/u/FriendlyMoose (Affiliate link)



Photographing is my passion. Although I like photography in general, nature photography is one of my favourite subjects. I often go out with my camera for a hike to capture the beauty of nature.

I would love to read what you think of my photos in the comments. You could also contact me if you have any other remarks or questions in the comments of via Discord (friendlymoose#5717)

More FriendlyMoose

I'm sharing my photo's on Hive and Noise.Cash.
Noise.Cash is an alternative to Twitter where you can earn Bitcoin Cash.
Become my referral and earn money there too.

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