Working Together to Make this Birthday Celebration worth to Happened☺☺☺

Hello Everyone☺☺☺

Hope all is good and safe😘😘😘


Earlier we celebrated the birthday of my boyfriend @jearo101 @shikika father Tatay Donio. Actually Yesterday I've planned to give my chocolate vocay early in the morning but sad to say I got their at 9:30 in the Morning and he was not there and also Nanay. The attended the mass. And so me and @jearo101 started to design tye background. We got off first the tarpaulin made by ate @Donalyn so we can put the creep papers as the background. And after we set it up we put back the tarpaulin.


And as we finished setting it up. They also arrived. The timing is so good. And I asked ashley to get mu chocolate vocay upstairs and give it to Tatay. And then we started to take pictures. The pictures are just little because Im the nanny of baby Gab. Because there all busy. Ate @Donalyn was so busy cooking. The two nieces of my @jearo101 are the sales lady of their sari-sari store. So all of us are working together to make this happen. And while all of them are busy doing some errands, me and baby Gab got the chance to take a picture. @jearo101 is the one who took us the photo. And after that the visitors are coming and before we eat we pray first thanking all of this preparations and foods in front of us. After the prayer we sang a birthday song for the celebrant and he blow the candle. And next was a picture- picture on all of us, as the final picture-picture. Today is a blast. Were all tired but all worth it.☺ I know Tatay Donio was very happy and so as we.


That's all for now everyone. Keep safe always. God Bless and Thank you for your unending support to my blog always☺☺😘

truly yours,


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