Sea Horse Drawing Tutorial - My First Experience using Huion Sketch


Hello, friends!

Maybe you already know that my job is not an artist but like spending hours to draw :). And my favorite youtuber for drawing is Brad Cowboy. Recently i listened one of his video about Huion sketch so i gave this app a try.


Here is my experience that i would like to share to you...

First when i used the app like usually i met the tools on the top of my tablet. And i started to draw, the result was quite good, as smooth as when i use the medibang to draw. As my hand wanted to draw whatever it wants and this time would be a sea horse.


Then good thing was it also had the painting tool like the medibang also has. So i could just paint the sea horse body part one by one.


I also added a little fish below the sea horse.


Then pain it, also draw another fish. Without downloading any brushes you could make the waves like i did. But they didn't have any option to save it to JPG or PNG and my picture was only saved in this app.


My conclusion is without need to download any brushes they had a quite enough brushes to use, but it is not easy to save the picture to jpg or png file... and also it is not too special compared to other drawing apps. And maybe i am too in love with medibang, since it was the user friendly one for me. How about you?

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