Half day in the Hospital..


Hello, friends!

Yesterday i took a day off to accompany and take mom to the hospital for her medical check up and also USG cause mom had diabetic and hypertension plus gastric (GERD). So it would need to get the check up regularly. Actually recently i bought mom a new blood glucose meter too which was better than the old one we got. Recently her blood sugar needed to be checked everyday.. i checked it before the breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Mom's were fluctuative.


A bit frustating, her doctor then asked me to add a bit of her insulin dosage, 24 become 26 units, 26-0-26, like usually she has the injection before the breakfast and dinner.

Related to this mom needed to check her health regularly, one that we must pay attention on is her hba1c test, which would show the average of her blood glucose level during 3 latest months. And besides that of course the internist needs also her cholesterol level, kidney function, liver function and any other organs health.

Yesterday morning we went from home a bit earlier, so we could get earlier to the test. The medical check up laboratory would opened at 8 am so we needed to make sure to arrive there before the laboratory opened, so we wouldn’t queue up for the check up.
I took some photos of us on our way to the hospital.


Look what I found, a police car which would arrest the people which don’t follow the health protocols related to covid 19 here.. a great idea to help push the spread of the covid, I think.


After arrived, we straightly went to the 3rd floor to get the check but we arrived before 8 am so we needed to wait around 20 minutes to get her blood taken.

Here were the forms of check list that mom needed to get.


We were waiting and mom already looked tired, right?


Then her name was called, and the staff there took her blood from her left hand.


After the first test, for the USG to check her abdomen, mom needed to wait and drink much water until she wanted to pee, it took a long time, mom then finally wanted to pee when it was around 10.20 am…
For the 2nd test, USG, I couldn’t enter so I just waited out the room.

After the USG, mom’s test hadn’t done yet, still there a test, to check her blood glucose which would taken only after mom had a meal. So we needed to have our brunch (which I would share tomorrow), then went back again to the hospital and waiting after 2 hours mom had finished the brunch, which mean it would be 12.34 pm..

The same person took mom’s blood but this time only from her left finger.


Mom’s result for the diabetic was not good, the hba1c was 9.4 which normal people would have it in 6. The result for her fast blood glucose was also high 187 and 2 hours post the meal was also high, 237. And for the other test would be told by the doctor on the Saturday concultation. Plus the USG of mom also would discuss that day.

I do hope for the future mom could eat less, exercise more so she could control and monitor her blood sugar level.

Thanks for reading my article and stay healthy, friends!

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