Animal Fair, in a mall?!?


Hello, friends especially animal lovers!

Maybe you already known from my latest articles about our visit to one of the lifestyle center or we could say mall (no much different with other shopping centers) but one unique thing was the fair or exhibition there, cause usually it were clothes that they showed off. But that afternoon, they had an animal fair there.


Near their entry gate, there were two large high fences

The left one had the extra really big turtles inside.



An officer was feeding the turtles. And look they ate vegetables. Great!

Mom asked the officer about if the turtles were for sale, the answer was yes and how much it costed to buy it, wow, guess? It was 50,000,000 IDR or around 3,500 USD. Expensive, right?

While the right one, wow,

Look at those bunnies



So large and also some had spots on their bodies, like cows or dalmatians? I had never seen a bunny this large before! There were 7 large bunnies here...

Have you ever seen this kinda big rabbits before?

And there they also sold many animals

From reptile (include lizard, iguana, snake, etc)


In this stall they also sold a sugar glider at 1,500,000 IDR or around 106 USD. It was tame and not put in the cage, the seller carried with him. Its name is Rico.

Other store sold animals like guinea pig, hamster and all the rodents..


Until the super cute bunnies in a stall. I was in love.





Some variants that they offered here were Holland lop, mini lop, dwarf papillon, and also angora. They had many kind of fur, from short to long, from white colour to black, or even in panda kinda fur. I was amazed. All of these cute bunnies costed 250,000 IDR or around 17.6 USD. They only ate a kind of grass, it made their odourless, the poop were also would dried like shown. The bunnies were smart and healthy, they even could drink on their water dispenser. Smart bunnies!

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any animals more at home, cause I already had Do and Re, two little kittens as my pet. So this time I hadn’t buy any pets yet. Btw if you want to see the situation of this animal fair you could watch my vlog...

Do you like animals and also have pets at home?

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